Saturday, April 5, 2008


How cool am I? I'm holding an actual ELMO, I have an Elmo sippy cup and I have an Elmo book beside me.

My daddy took all of my books out of the end shelf and added them to the toy rotation. So, now, I have room to get in there with the few books that are out each week. Luckily, this week left me with my big Elmo book.

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Memorial Park

Last Friday, I needed to stop by my office after the Trikeathon. Since I work across the street from Memorial Park, Dan took Jonah over there while I did the things I needed to do. When Chim found out I was going over there, he wanted to go too!

Please ignore the "one item" sticker on Jonah's head. That is what you get when daddy is in charge. Does anyone remember the sticker incident from Jonah's first Easter? That was not a good experience for Jonah OR daddy!

When I walked over to the park, they were all very happy to see me. I think that was based solely on the fact that I brought a bottle of water for each of them.

Jonah was pretty amazed by all the pretty flowers. He would look at them and say "Fower, Fower...OOOH!"

Here are my two favorite guys. It is so fun for me to watch the two of them together. Jonah loves his daddy and Dan is over the top smitted with his little boy!

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Just like daddy!

I did a post last week showing you how Jonah crosses his feet while brushing his teeth. Now, he has added another "just like daddy" bit to his brushing routine. Not only does he cross his feet at the ankles like Dan does, but he also leans against the wall with one hand. It is absolutely precious to watch this little toddler imitate his daddy. I asked Dan if he ever actually told Jonah to cross his feet or put his hand on the wall. He said no. I guess that proves that our actions do speak louder than words!

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Potty Time and Prayers!

Yes, odd title, I know! But, if you keep reading, you will understand. Our little Jonah bug used the potty 3 times last night. Yes, our little baby boy is beginning the process of potty training. We are NOT pushing him at all but just allowing him to get used to the idea. We bought the potty seat a couple of months ago and have had it in the back bathroom so he could get familiar with it. Two nights ago, I sat him on the potty before bath time. He did exactly what he needed to do and then applauded himself. Ya gotta love that kid's self esteem!!!

So, last night, I did the same thing before his bath. Once again, we had success. So, before his bedtime routine, we thought we would try again. He sat on the potty for about 15 minutes then did his business...both kinds! Whoo-hooo! I'm sure you can believe this but I DID take a picture but I will refrain from posting it. I mean, seriously...who besides a mother would want to see that??

I took a few pictures of the waiting last night. He had his Brown Bear book there to keep him occupied. We all (including Max) sat in there while waiting on things to happen.

Out of nowhere, he clasped his hands to pray. You have to understand our life lately for this to make sense. Ever since Jonah grasped the idea of praying, we do it A LOT! I mean...ALL THE TIME! For instance, at LaFiesta last week, we said the blessing about 12 times. The kid loves to pray. I guess that works out well since he is a Preacher's Kid!

We don't want to discourage him from praying because we want him to grow up understanding he can talk to God anytime. It doesn't have to be meal time or bed time or even church time. So, when he was sitting on the potty and clasped his hands, we did too! We paused and thanked God for the potty seat. We said Amen, he said amen and he went back to reading Brown Bear.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

BASEBALL! (or Bayyyyball as Jonah calls it!)

My dad had 2 meetings at church tonight so it was just me and mom. She noticed VHS was playing baseball so we decided to go watch. She dressed me, grabbed my glove and ball she found at Gymboree and we headed outside to get my wagon. She insisted on taking a picture of me before we headed down the street. I call this my introspective look!

Instead of going to the ball park, we headed down the street to The Welch's house. We knocked on the door to see if we could watch the game from their backyard but no one answered the door. Mommy pulled my wagon to the back and found Aunt B already outside watching the game. I think she was very happy to see me. She even let me play with 3 baseballs that she had.
I saw those boys from Bunkie out there warming up so I thought about throwing them a ball. But, when I threw it, it didn't go very far. I guess I better strengthen my pitching arm.
Mommy took me up to the fence so I could see better but all I wanted to do was push my Gymboree ball through the fence. I did it one time and those mean boys wouldn't give it back. Mommy had to push a stick through the fence then try to pull the ball back through. She gave it back to me and I tried to push it through again. She took the ball from me and we left the fence. Man...she is NO fun!
She gave me a real baseball then because she knew I couldn't get that one through the fence. I don't think she realized that one hurts more when I toss it at her.
It was hot out there and I started sweating. I took my hat off but I had hat head. I also had a very dirty face. Mommy tried to wipe it but Aunt B said little boys are supposed to be dirty. I don't think that is good news to my mommy who likes things clean!

We walked over to bleachers so we could see Mrs. Delynn. I discovered the batting cage and had a LARGE time playing with the net that surrounds it.
While I was inside the batting cage, I found some "tash" on the ground and gave it to my mom so she could throw it away.
My dad got home from his meetings and walked over to see us. He was very impressed with Mrs. Delynn's camera.
I showed daddy my ball and my glove. He was at the mall when my mom bought all this stuff from Gymboree but he had never seen me where it. Baseball is probably their least favorite sport (Sorry, Mark!) but when you live across the street from the ball fields, you kind of have to get into it.
How's this for an action shot? Sorry it is blurry!

Kaitlyn Walker came over and played with me for a while. We rolled the ball back and forth. I took it easy on her since she is a girl!

I stood at the fence behind home plate for a while and watched the batters. Man, it is loud up there. It scared me a couple of times.

I went and got a ball so I could give it to them but they never turned around to see me offering it. That ball would not fit through the chain link fence. I sure tried though!

I was very tired on the ride home. I'm glad mommy thought to bring my wagon rather than letting me just walk. I don't know if I could have made it. All that playing takes a toll on a little boy!

Oh, do you want to guess what the FIRST thing I did when we got home was? Yep...a BATH!!!

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