Saturday, March 29, 2008

I love ELMO! (And egg hunt #3)

I'm still not sure if you realize just how much I love Elmo. I can spot him almost anywhere. Even my diapers have Elmo on the front of them. My mom found a lady in Alabama who sews and she even ordered an Elmo Jon-Jon for me.

I went outside to play but didn't want to leave Elmo inside. So, I took him and let him watch me play. I think he enjoyed being outside with me. After we played outside for a little while, my mom and dad hid (laid on the concrete) Easter eggs for me. I have gotten pretty fond of finding eggs and putting them in my basket.

These pictures were all taken the Thursday before Easter and I still had 2 or 3 egg hunts ahead of me so I needed the practice. After the tiring work of putting all those eggs in the basket, I went inside for snack of whole grain goldfish and raisins. I let Elmo sit next to me while I ate and watched him on TV!

Max stuck pretty close by me and Elmo just in case I dropped something. He loves the fact that I am sometimes kind of messy.

My mom has tried to determine if I love my Brown Bear book or Elmo more. She thinks it is a close race that would probably be won by Brown Bear BUT Elmo is just out there more than Brown Bear. Every where you go you see something with Elmo on it. Brown Bear is a little less visable. It doesn't really matter to me which I love more because I love them BOTH!
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I walked into the bathroom Wednesday morning to see this site! Dan and Jonah were both brushing their teeth like they do every morning but Jonah was a little unsteady standing on this stool. I realized why when I saw his feet...he had the crossed just like his daddy's! I pointed it out to Dan and he informed me that Jonah always crosses his feet at the ankles as soon as he realizes that is how Dan's feet are.

I absolutely love that Jonah wants to be just like his daddy. It is so sweet to watch him emulate Dan's mannerisms and actions. I'm glad that he has a daddy who uses words that are okay for him to hear and has an attitude worth copying.

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We Fall Down...

Does life get any better than this?

Man...tonight was one of those mommy moments that I'm sure I will NEVER forget and will always cherish. This was the first night that Jonah did not get a sippy cup of water when I laid him down. We know that potty training days are on the horizon so we are beginning the process of limiting liquids after 6 p.m. The initial step of that was to do away with a sippy cup of water. We have been phasing the water down all week from a full cup down to less than an once. So, this was the last step. I dreaded the meltdown that was probably coming but knew it was best for him.

I gave him a bath while Dan cleaned the living room and kitchen. (How great is he???) After his bath, we did the typical routine of brushing his teeth, the bedtime story and then prayers. (Which, by the way, is one of the most precious things in the world to see! He clasps his little hands together and bows his head and closes his eyes as soon as you get to the last page of his book!) Typically, we hand him his cup of water after his prayer and then put him down for the night. But tonight, I just held him. I rubbed his back and he patted my arm. I could see his sweet face by the light of the night light and he just stared and smiled.

After a while, I asked him if he wanted to go night-night. He said no. I told him it was time and stood up to lay him in his crib. As I laid him down, he patted my arm and said "Night-night, Mommy!" I stood at his crib and just rubbed his back and sang quietly along with the CD of lullabies that was playing. As I began to realize the song I was singing, my eyes filled with tears. "We Fall Down" was the current song and I began to think of that song in light of my sweet little boy.

I've always sang that song with the mindset of "my crowns" being laid at the feet of Jesus one day when I'm in heaven. And, I've thought of that song in the light of laying my life at His feet on a daily basis. But, tonight, I realized that at this time in my life, Jonah is my crown. He is the best part of me. He is what God has entrusted me with. So, tonight, as I rubbed the back of my little 20 month old son, and sang this song, I realized that God wants me to offer this little miracle to Him every day. That isn't always easy. This is a big, scary world and I don't always feel good about what lies ahead for him. But, I can't control his future, I can only lay him at the feet of a God who loves him way more than I do!

If you don't know the words, I've put them below. What is your crown today? Have you laid it at the feet of Jesus? I'm glad for the reminder I was given tonight!

We fall down

We lay our crowns

At the feet of Jesus

The greatness of Mercy and love At the feet of Jesus

We cry holy, holy, holy

We cry holy, holy, holy

We cry holy, holy, holy Is the lamb

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Baking a cake

Last Saturday, I helped my mom bake a bunny cake for Easter. I've tasted cake on a few occasions but have never actually made one. I was excited about this because I got to use The Learning Tower.

We started off by washing our hands. I've heard that little boys don't always like clean hands but I am usually more than willing to wash mine because I love the water!!

After our hands were good and clean, we sprayed the bunny pan down with some kind of cooking spray that had flour in it. I wanted it to do it all by myself but I accidentally sprayed my mommy! Oops!

( I forgot to rotate the next picture...sorry!) The next thing we did was read the instructions on how to make the cake. I was glad mommy was there for that part because I can't read.

I helped her pour the cake mix into the mixing bowl then we added the liquid and eggs. Let me just tell you, eggs are gross. Some egg got on my hand and I cried until mommy let me wash my hands again. I did not like that stuff.

I was very intrigued by the mixer. I kept wanting to touch the white thing that was mixing the stuff but apparently that scared my mom and dad. I wasn't allowed to touch...ONLY LOOK!

After we finished mixing the cake, I got to lick the mixer. I wasn't really impressed. The picture below would be cuter except my daddy was playing with the camera settings and messed up a few pictures. (That is probably why he is usually the one in the pictures and mommy is behind the camera!!)
I even helped get all of the cake batter into the bunny pan. I really am helpful, ya know? After we got all the batter in the pan, we had to just wait!! You've already seen the pictures of the finished product so you know that actually turned out well. Well, the baking part...NOT the decorating part!

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