Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Jonah's preschool divides the different parties among the kids in the class. At the beginning of the year, I was given Easter. So, since I had to help provide the food and do the egg hunt, I got to stay and take pictures. Jonah's class was in the gym on the riding toys when I got there. I found it rather odd that not one child in his class was actually riding one of the toys?

Jonah gave me the "Mom, what are you doing here in the middle of the day before I have had my snack" look.
Even though he was a little confused as to why I was there so early, I was very happy to see my boy in the middle of the day.
Jonah's class has about 13 kids with Jonah being the youngest and the oldest is 2 years and a few months. Minus one or two kids, they had no idea what to do with the eggs. It was too cold to go outside so we had to "hide" the eggs in the parlor outside of the gym. Jonah was pretty sure someone had dropped a lot of balls. He kept looking at me, shrugging his shoulders and saying "BALLS!!"
Sinnott and Marlie immediately picked up some eggs but the rest of them just kind of wandered around. I pointed a few eggs out to Jonah and he insisted they were balls so finally I just told him to put all the balls in his basket. That worked better.

The poor little guy wasn't feeling great because of his allergies. I tried to get a smile but all I got was this blank stare.

Look...a smile! He was quite impressed with his stash of eggballs! He showed me then showed his teacher. OVER AND OVER!

We left the parlor and headed back to his classroom. He proudly carried his basket and rounded the corner into his classroom.
That is when he discovered the balloons. OH MY GOODNESS!!! The boy ADORES balloons.

I finally convinced him that he couldn't have a balloon until he ate his snack. We had to move the balloons out of the room so the kids would eat and not be distracted by them.

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Time Out Mat

We have dubbed the rug in front of the front door "THE TIME OUT MAT!" While we don't expect Jonah to fully understand what that means right now, we have begun using it for 20-30 seconds to allow us to remove him from any situation that isn't going the way it should be. We put him there the first time a couple of weeks ago and he was so upset. I don't necessarily think it was because of the mat but more because we made him quit throwing his toys. We are trying to help him understand that it is okay to throw a ball but not a toy. That is a tough thing to teach a little boy when many of his toys are balls.

Sometimes when he is playing, he gets VERY frustrated because the toy doesn't do exactly what he wants it to do. (ie, blocks don't stay stacked after he put them where he wanted them) When something like this happens, he takes the block that fell and chunks it across the room out of anger. This is not a behavior that we want to see continue so we always remove him from the toys and talk to him about not throwing his toys. That worked for a little while but now it just seems to fire him up even more. So, we started using the time out mat.

I think it is actually working pretty well. AND, don't let that face fool you. He is there for less than a minute each time. The reason I feel like we may have stumbled across a tactic that works well for us is because yesterday, Jonah threw his bowl of cheerios after he tipped the bowl and some fell out. (I'm telling you, the kid is a perfectionist and does not handle things well when they don't go according to his plan!!!) Anyway, after he threw the bowl, he looked at me, put his head down and went and sat on the mat. HA! After he had been there 20 or 30 seconds, I sat next to him and told him why we don't throw things. Then, we got up and played...HAPPILY EVER AFTER! :-)

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Friday, March 21, 2008

More pictures from Hannah's Spring Break

Since I am such a busy boy these days, my mom has a backlog of pictures that still need to be posted to my blog. The oldest set out there is from when Hannah was here two weeks ago. Here I am with her and Uncle Scott. He was reading us a book. Well, Hannah read it too. I guess I'm the only one who didn't really contribute to the reading part of the book. I sure did enjoy looking at it!

Hannah and I spent a lot of time looking at books and her reading to me. I wish she lived closer to me so we could play all the time.
She also comes in VERY handy in the backseat. She held my puffs so I could eat them when I wanted. And, her hand is much easier to reach when she is next to me. Mom tries to hold them behind her back when she is driving so I have to stretch really far to reach them.

When Aunt Emily was getting ready to leave, I told her a story and she just couldn't believe what all I was telling her. Look at her mouth!
The next picture was taken when I was just about 2 weeks old. This is when they all came to see me right after I was born. I do not remember that at all! I guess it is a good thing my mom took pictures so I could really know they were here. Anyway, before they left a couple of weeks ago, my mom made us stand in the same place in front of the same tree. Unfortunately, this time I was dressed for my nap and am wearing PJ's. Oh well...a guy can't always look his best! Check out the difference in these two pictures. Wow...time sure changes things!

My mom also snapped a couple more pictures of me and Hannah. I'm still not sure which one of us likes the other one most!!!

I became quite the fan of "COT" (Uncle Scott) when they were here. He said I could go home with him and I probably would have except I would really miss my mommy and daddy!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dinner Bowl?

Jonah eats much better when he has a bowl to transfer food in and out of. Last week, after Scott, Emily and Hannah left, there were a few french fries left on the kitchen table. He brought them to me and wanted to eat them. I told him to get a bowl and bring it to me. (I knew he had several bowls sitting on the table and on his highchair. ) I went back to vacuuming and when I turned around, he had his fries in a bowl! It was the bowl from his new potty seat! He went to the bathroom and got it to put his fries in.

Fortunately, this potty seat has yet to be used. It is just in the bathroom so Jonah can get used to it being there. AND, I had just washed it earlier in the day because Max was licking it. (GROSS...not something I hope Max continues!!!) So, he finished his fries out of THAT bowl! Lovely, huh?

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