Saturday, March 1, 2008

I miss daddy

My daddy went to Memphis to Jon's wedding yesterday. I really missed him this morning. I asked mom several times "where dada?" She kept telling me where he was but I really just wanted to see him. My mommy called him and we leaving Grenada. That is where he spent the night. I was very happy to talk to him and hear his voice. I even gave him a kiss on the phone. My mom thought it was so cute that she did a video of me talking to him in hopes of me doing it again.

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Taking Max for a walk

When Dan got in from Memphis, we decided to take Max and Jonah to the Playground. It was a beautiful day and a perfect opportunity to take both boys to burn some energy!!! Dan had Max on a leash and was also carrying his toy. He jumped up to grab the toy and just hung on. I snapped a few pictures then did a video. What a funny dog!

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Sad eyes!

I saw Dr. Russ this morning and she told me I have pink eye. Not just in one eye but in BOTH eyes. Does that make you feel sorry for me? It should! My eyes are really hurting me and I have had a tough time. When I wake up every morning, my eyes are completely matted shut. Mommy said it is the most pitiful thing she has ever seen. She took a few pictures of my eyes today so you could see how they look. They are both swollen!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

So..........who are you?

Following the lead of some of my favorite blogs, I'm asking you to come out of hiding today. Our blog gets close to 100 hits each day and we are just curious who all is coming to visit us. Lots of my friends have asked this question on their blogs and have been very surprised at the responses they got. So, tell us who you are. Even if you think we already know you check every day, just leave a comment and tell us who you are and how you found us. I'm a big blog lurker so I know there are people who don't even know us but read about our family every day.

If you have never left a comment before, it is very easy. At the bottom of this post you will see a place that says ____ comments. Click on that. Then click the dot beside anonymous. Then, go up to the blank section and type your comment. BUT, be sure to leave your name too. When you leave an anonymous comment, it will only put your name if you add it in that section. If you are a regular blogger, then you know how to leave your comment using your Blogger ID.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All day Wednesday

It was quite chilly out this morning. Jonah was ready for preschool when I remembered his hat and ran to the back to get it before leaving. Dan asked if it was really cold enough for a hat. I told him not really but I had a two-fold purpose for him wearing the hat. Number one, it matched his new one piece jumper from the Gap and number two, his hair was sticking straight up and I could not make it lay down. I figured his teachers would assume it was from the hat and not from my lack of concern over my child's hair. :-)
I picked him up from preschool and his teachers were somewhat concerned about him today. They said that he had fallen twice today. He didn't stumble or anything, he just kind of fell over? They showed me the marks on his head and told me to to watch him this afternoon. They both said he had not been himself at all and had even refused snack. That is not at all like him. He always eats snack!!!

So, I took him to meet Chim for lunch at Sonny's pizza. He was unusually calm there. He never fussed to get out of the highchair or anything. He wasn't in a bad mood or even a good mood...he was just there. It was almost like he was really sleepy. He did eat some crackers and a little pizza. Although, I wonder if he didn't get more pizza on his face than in his mouth.

After lunch, I headed home to give him a nap. I figured that would fix any problems he had. I ran his bath water then let him brush his teeth. After he finished brushing his teeth, I put him on the bathroom counter like I always do to check them. He fell over and hit his head on the faucet! It was terrible! My heard hurt so bad for him because I knew it hurt him. But, I was even more concerned because that was the third fall he had today that was unexplained. He finally settled down enough to take a bath and let mommy snuggle with him for a while. After his bath and mommy time, I gave him some Tylenol and put him down for a nap. He slept for 3.5 hours. In the midst of his nap, I called Dr. Russ' office just to see what she had to to say.

I spoke with her nurse and explained the weird things that had been going on today. She made an appointment for us for Friday. I asked her if she would relay all of this to Dr. Russ just so she would know what was going on. After I left that message, Jonah woke up from his nap and all seemed better. He was completely stable in his steps and in a good mood. He ate a big dinner then we decided to go ahead to church so Jonah could see his daddy for a little while.

He got a chance to spend some time behind the pulpit. I think he practiced a mini-sermon in case his daddy ever gets sick and can't preach.

He even practiced banging on the pulpit in case it is a serious sermon. He was mostly interested in the microphone. Imagine that...a child in our house likes to talk and hear himself? I wonder where he gets that from?
He went on to the nursery after practicing his sermon. Tammy, Clare and Gwen McKinney were in there with them tonight. Tammy said he was his normal self and they had no problems. But, every one was very concerned about his eye. The next couple of pictures should give you a little idea of how it looks. Although, these pictures do make it look better than it really looks.

Poor guy! I'm not sure what is going on with him but it seems the afternoon nap did help it. I am beginning to think that maybe it was just extreme tiredness that was making him fall over. Whatever it was, I am continuing to watch him close and keep an eye on him.

Dr. Russ called after church to check on him. I told her about everything and it all sounded odd to her too. I am going to keep his appointment for Friday just in case anything else odd happens. But, she seemed to agree that it kind of sounded like he was just exhausted? Her first concern was seizures but the fact that he immediately was ok and he did not pass out kind of voided that concern. My poor little guy!!! On top of the falling over today, his eyes are pouring water and have some sort of drainage. Jeepers!!!f

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday afternoon

It was a perfect afternoon for playing outside on Sunday. When Jonah got up from his nap, we headed outside to play. It was his first time to play with his new bubble mower. He was quite smitten with the thing. He kept saying "Buh-hulls." He loves bubbles. Unfortunately, he could not quite grasp that his pushing the mower is what created more bubbles. When the bubbles would come out, he stopped pushing to play with them. That made the bubbles disappear and made for one very sad boy.

After he mowed the concrete for a while, he decided it was at an appropriate length and he moved on to the actual grass.

When he finished the yard, he pulled the mower back onto the concrete and took it to the house so he could park it there and play for a while.

He found the golf club that Chim left for him and decided to play golf for a little while. Daddy got home from his meeting a little after the golf club surfaced.
Jonah has discovered it is much easier to play golf with a big blue ball rather than a little white ball. He isn't sure why more people haven't made the same discovery.

After a little while of golf, he moved to his castle slide/swing to play then on to the basketball goal on the back of his playhouse. He basically touched every outside toy he could see. He wanted to fully experience the afternoon outside.

When all was said and done, he picked up his club and ball and put them back in the house where they belong. What a helper!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday lunch at La Fiesta

We had lunch at LaFiesta yesterday. We tried something new by letting Jonah sit on the bench next to daddy until the food came. We thought that might entertain him for a while. It worked! Well, that and the occasional stroll around the restaurant with daddy to visit people.

Right before our food came, we moved him to the high chair. He was pretty content through the entire meal. But, once again, he didn't eat very good at all. Imagine that? He has more fun with the eating utensils than he does the actual food!

My friend Angie introduced Jonah to fruit snacks last weekend. He LOVED them. So, I bought a couple of packs. I gave him some at lunch but didn't realize he put EVERY SINGLE ONE in his mouth. We discovered it in the midst of this video.


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