Saturday, February 16, 2008

What happened to my BABY???

I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher this afternoon when I heard Dan calling my name. I headed to the back of the house and rounded the corner to discover MY BABY standing on his stool brushing his teeth like such a big boy!!! Normally he sits on the counter or we hold him when he brushes his teeth. So, seeing him stand there like a little boy brought tears to my eyes. Time is going TOO fast!!!

I went back to the kitchen to grab by camera and came back to get a few pictures. I'm sorry some of them are blurry but when your eyes have tears in them, you can't tell your pictures are blurry. :-)

He was so stinkin' cute when he was brushing his teeth because he kept sticking the toothbrush under the water to rinse it off.

I REALLY wish this picture was not blurry because I think it is SO precious. He turned and looked at has daddy as if to say "look at me, I'm brushing my teeth just like you!!!"

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I have a few problems with my hair on occasion. Mrs. Michelle (my friend who cuts my hair) says I have a double crown in the back then several cowlicks in various places on my head. It is quite unfortunate. I couldn't escape the bad hair gene because I got it from both my mom and dad!!! As a matter of fact, when they lived in Fort Worth, the same lady cut both of their hair. One day as she was cutting daddy's hair after she finished my mom's, she said "God bless your poor children! They are going to have awful hair!!!" Well, she was right and I am the beneficiary of their bad hair.

Last night, before the Valentine banquet, my mom could not make my hair lay down, It was sticking up in two different places. So, she decide to spike it. What do you think?

I stared at myself in the mirror for about 30 seconds as if I couldn't figure out WHO I was looking at. Then, I leaned over, picked up my dad's brush and tried to fix what my mom did to my hair!!! I did not like that at all. I kept trying to brush it out.

They finally got the idea that I didn't like it at all, and washed that mess out of my hair! Thank goodness!

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My Valentine from my mom and dad!

I got the BEST Valentine from my mom and dad. It is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse keyboard. It even has a microphone! They brought it into my room when they got me out of bed on the morning of Valentine's Day. I saw it in my mom's hand and I immediately wanted it.

I can do some serious dancing to this thing. AND, it is a microphone. The morning I got it, my mom and dad kept saying "Turn it up." Now, they say, "Turn it down!" I guess they thought everything I did was so cute the first morning. Now, I'm pretty sure they just think the think is annoying!

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Working on Valentines

The night before Jonah's Valentine party at Preschool was such a busy time. We had to make out his Valentines for his friends and teachers. The first five minutes of this was great fun. After that, it became a lot of work! Jonah was more than willing to help but it was his own special kind of help, if you know what I mean. If you want to see how much Jonah has changed since last year, click here to see him doing the same thing a year ago!

Max stuck pretty close to Jonah just in case he happened to drop anything that might be edible!
We finally moved to the kitchen table so we would have a hard surface to write on.

Jonah got bored at one point and decided to build a tower of blocks instead. He is very good at stacking blocks but even better at knocking them down. AND, if you have never heard the sound of a tower of blocks falling on a tile floor, you really should! It is the fastest way to a headache that I know of!

I think he realized he was missing out on the Valentine fun so he got back in my lap then onto the table to help out.

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Jonah is such a terrible eater! You can not tell that by his weight but if you ever try to feed him, you will discover how picky he is. He HATES meat. If you give him spaghetti, he chews it, swallows, the out of one side of his mouth, he spits all the meat out. It is such a lovely site! He does the same thing with anything you give him that you try to disguise by putting meat in it.

One day last week, I gave him a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich for lunch. He immediately took it from me rather than looking at it and saying "NO!" I had such high hopes that I might have finally found something of substance that he would eat. After a short time, I realized that he was only licking the jelly off the bread. LITLE STINKER!!!

The next day, he walked into the kitchen and saw frosted cookies sitting on the counter. Now those, he will eat!!! He had yet to have dinner so I told him No. As you will see below, that did not make him happy!

He cried and cried about my decision to not allow him to have a cookie. I think most of the tears came from sheer exhaustion but they were tears nonetheless! I knew he was hungry and really dreaded the battle of what to attempt to feed him for dinner. Then, I saw a potato we had left and so I baked it in the microwave, added butter and attempted that for round one of dinner. He LOVED it!

He ate and ate and ate! I was so happy to find something he would eat and seemed to actually enjoy! Notice the potato in his hair? By the end of the meal, he abandoned his fork and just used his hands. That made it easier to shovel the potato in his mouth!
P.S. Just to prove my point about how difficult of an eater he has been, I want you to know we tried a potato again tonight and he would have NOTHING to do with it! AAUGH!


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