Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our weekend company

We had company this weekend. My mommy's cousin's wife came to visit us. You can see their blog here. Tommy (Suzanne's husband) is my mom's grandmother's brother's son. Man...that is a lot to say! Anyway, she came in to town for the Kelly's Kids warehouse sale. We live about 6 miles from there so my mom invited her to spend the night with us so she didn't have to leave Madison at 4:00 a.m.

She came in last night and had dinner with us. I had to go to bed pretty soon after she got here so we didn't get to visit much last night. But, when she got back from the warehouse sale today, she and I got to play. I showed her my favorite books and would you believe that her little girl, Mary Peyton has some of the same books as her favorites!

She thought it was funny that Max has so many clothes. We kept changing his clothes everytime he went outside because they got wet. (There was LOTS of rain!!!) So, when she laughed at his shirt, mommy got his raincoat out for her to see. She really thought that was funny!
The next time Suzanne comes, she is bringing Tommy and Mary Peyton. How fun will that be?

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Friday, January 25, 2008

A Garth fan?

Tonight, we were doing a little picking up around the house before Suzanne arrived. We had the TV on and looked up to see Jonah dancing to Garth Brooks. There was some sort of Garth Brooks TV benefit on and my little boy was enamoured with ole' Garth!!!

Dan got down and danced with him. Jonah just giggled with delight! It seems we have a country music fan on our hands.

After he danced with his daddy, he stood in front of the TV and danced his little heart out. Apparently, no one has told him yet that Baptist boys don't dance!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tears over Brown Bear

You know how I have told you how much my child LOVES his Brown Bear book? When I tell you he is addicted to it, that is putting it very mildly. He loves it. Sometimes I wonder if he loves it more than his own parents. (How sad!)

Well, we had quite a meltdown this morning over leaving the book at home. We knew that if we got in the habit of taking it places that we might accidentally leave it somewhere. So, we make sure to just leave it at home. Well, Jonah had it with him ALL morning then when we took it from him to leave, the meltdown began!!!

So, we took the "tell it bye-bye approach." That tends to help things because he forgets he is being told what to do and begins to think he is the one in charge. This normally works miracles! So, we gave the book back to him and said to tell it goodbye.
All was well because he smiled and said bye to the book. But, as soon as Dan leaned down to get him closer to the counter, he tensed his whole body up and leaned closer to his daddy. Then the tears began.
Since it was getting later and later by the minute, Dan took the book, patted it and said Bye-bye to the bookBrown Bear.
Jonah was NOT at all happy about this decision and made sure to let us (and the rest of the neighbors) know that he was not pleased.
So, we told the book bye one more time and we headed out the door. He wailed most of the way out of Vidalia but settled down once we were on the bridge. Poor guy.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Man, it is COLD outside!

It takes so much longer to get ready to leave the house when the weather is cold. My mom makes me look like such a goober with gloves and silly hats. She has got to get out of this before my friends can talk. Otherwise, I will made fun of soooo much! At least she let me take a microphone with me so I could work on my singing. It would help a lot of I could sing. That way people may focus on that rather than how silly I look when my mom dresses me!!!!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another Jonah and Max video

Bowls are funny!

We went to the Merritt's house for Tortilla soup tonight. After we were done eating, we were sitting in the dining room talking when Jonah walked in with this bowl. He put it on his head and someone said "Where is Jonah?" He pulled it off and got so tickled. Then he put it back on and said "Where Jonah?" I think the acoustics must have been so different from what he is used to because he just giggled at himself. When I say giggle, I mean ALL OUT belly laugh!

We did this over and over and over and...well, you get the point. After the tenth or so time, I remembered my camera was in the diaper bag. You can check out the video at the end of this post. At one point he dropped the melamine bowl and it broke! (Sorry, Aunt Debra!) He gave us a big UH-OH! Notice a piece of the bowl in each hand?

After that bowl broke, Debra gave him one that was a little more durable. He took it to Cliff in hopes of him liking it as much as he did. Cliff immediately put it on his head. Look at Jonah's hands...he was saying "Where Cliff?"


I spent a lot of time last night playing with my slide from Santa. Before I go down the slide, I always test a book or a ball just to be sure it still works. After I sent my SHAPES book down, I decided it was safe for me.

As you can see, I had great fun on top of the slide but never actually made it down. That is because my mommy was taking pictures and decided it would be more fun to pose for her. After a while, I got bored and crawled over to Max to play for a while.
That really wasn't all that fun so I headed back tot he top of my slide. But, I never went down. I just hung out up top. Mommy quit trying to coax me down because I was being so cooperative for her photo session.

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My child has a new love...APPLES! (or BAPPAS as he likes to call them!) I bought an assortment of fruit from WalMart last night and he immediately spotted the apples when I was unloading the groceries. He walked right to his high chair, tried to get in, all the while saying "BAPPA, BAPPA, BAPPA."

I always give him the whole apple first just to see if he can take a bite out of it. He usually gets a little bite then does his best to get the peeling separated from the meat of the apple. Once he does that, he spits the peeling out. You can kind of tell that is what he is doing in the next picture.
I finally just peel and core the apple and give it to him in wedges. He MUST have a wedge in both hands. Apparently, you can't eat anything unless you have pieces of it in both hands. It must be a rule or something?

When he did the sign for "STOP" numerous times, I assumed he was all done. So, I took his bib off and got him out of the chair. As soon as he got out, he reached on the tray to grab to wedges then sat down on the rug in front of the stove. I guess he wasn't done after all!

Max kept trying to take a bite so Jonah turned his back to him! HA! That is what Jonah gets for always giving Max a bite. The dog has gotten used to it and expects it.
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