Saturday, January 12, 2008

Week 2 Recipe you smell that? It is the smell of sweet success!!! Week #2 was a big hit around the Glenn household. I made Trout stuffed with crawfish and wrapped in Bacon. I found it in the 1999 Annual Recipe book from Southern Living. If you want to see the recipe and try it yourself, you can click on the link above.

To compliment the trout, we had mushroom wild rice and green beans cooked with onion, bacon and vinegar. Oh, and I added crescent rolls in because that is the only bread Dan really eats. So, we are two weeks into the new year and so far, so good!

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Hanging out around the house

On the couch

I decided it was time I learn to get on the couch on my own. If someone is sitting on a couch, they gladly pick me up but I am tired of waiting for someone to put me up there. I am 18 months old (in a couple of weeks) and need to learn to do a few things on my own.

Whew...this is TOUGH work. I think I could have done it with our old couches but these are just too high for me right now. Give me another month or so and I bet I will be able to get on the couch all by myself. My mom had to give me a little nudge to help me out.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Another video

Man...I love this kid! Watch this video and you'll have just one more reason to fall in love with him. He is growing so fast and seems to look and act more like a little boy every day!!!

My bed!

Would someone please explain to me how Jonah always ends up sitting in MY bed? When my parents got new living room furniture, I ended up with a bed that matched the colors in there. (Yeah, like people actually notice OR care what color my bed is???) I was happy to see my bed until I realized that meant I was no longer allowed on the furniture. WHAT? I have always been more than happy to perch myself next to anyone who would rub me. Now, I have been banished to the floor.

As if that were not bad enough, Jonah finds great pleasure in sitting in my bed. How is that fair? I have ONE place in the living room that I am allowed to sit and he seems to find himself there more often than not. Oh, and you want to know the worst thing about it? People think it is cute!!! Ooohhhh...that just burns me up. How come it isn't cute when I hop on the couch?

If I weren't afraid of the pound, I might just bite him!!!!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

National Championship Parties

Since we live in LSU country, we had TWO National Championship parties to attend. The first one was with the youth at The Warehouse. I'm pretty sure me and my mom were the only two people there NOT wearing purple or gold. My poor daddy abandoned his maroon & white for the night and showed his support for the tigers.

Marlie came to the party all decked out in her LSU jersey. If you see her mommy, be sure to ask her who she borrowed Marlie's jersey from?????

After we left The Warehouse, my mom took me to another party at the Welch's house. They had TV's in two rooms. One room was for the serious game watchers and the other room was for the ones who really didn't care. I wandered back and forth but always seemed to be ushered out of the serious room when the game was on. I guess we see where I rank when it comes to LSU!!!
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Monday, January 7, 2008

Shorts in JANUARY???

Yeah, it is January and I am wearing shorts. I don't understand how this weather thing works. One day I have a sweater on and the next day I am wearing shorts. It is a good thing my mommy picks out my clothes each day or I would be severely confused.

I was very happy that it was warm outside because the Hargon's brought a new toy to my house today and I really wanted to play with it. This is Marlie's swing/slide and she is letting me use it. How nice is that?

After all the playing, I had to sit down for a few minutes to rest. Mommy said I looked like I was in deep thought.

After playing in the backyard for a little while, we migrated to the front yard so I could swing. I didn't want to stop swinging but mommy said it was time to go. This is my pouty face!

I leaned all the way back so it would be hard for her to get me out of the swing. Guess what? It worked. She thought that was so smart of me so she let me swing some more.
While I was in my swing, Max played with his Frisbee. He gets excited about that thing.
After swinging, I spent some time in my playhouse. I really like it. I especially like the door that opens and closes.
Uncle Tim saw us outside playing so he stopped to play with me. I invited him into my house but he stayed outside. I must not be a very good host?
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