Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sunday night after church

We had a church wide fellowship after our Christmas presentation at church Sunday night. I left Jonah in the care of his father. The same father who apparently thought it was funny to watch him pick up a cupcake or cookie, eat the icing off of it and then put it back on the table. Yeah, this is why children need mothers!!! Dan and several men stood and laughed as he kept doing this. Fortunately, everyone was through the line at this point and all we were able to pick up the ones he had licked before anyone else got them.

Eli made his first trip to church and was completely unimpressed by the people or the program!
Mrs. Barbara brought Jonah's Christmas gift to him. If the unwrapping of this gift is any indication of how long it will take him to unwrap gifts on Christmas morning then we are in serious time trouble!!! He was so meticulous with taking the paper off.

She gave him a book that we have read every night since Sunday. He loves it. The kid loves to read and loves for us to read to him. I hope that continues. Dan and I were both big readers so really hope he loves books too!

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