Friday, December 26, 2008

The Sunday before Christmas

Look at my handsome little two year old! He was styling at church Sunday morning. He got SO many compliments that he eventually just started saying "I cute" whenever people approached him. I'm thinking self esteem is not something he will have issues with as he gets older. As we were getting in the car, he stopped for a picture with his buddy, Cliff. I'm not sure which of these two like the other one more.
We all ended up at the same house for lunch...Mrs. Barbara's house! All I can say is YUMMY! That woman can cook! Sunday lunches at her house are awesome!!! While we were still eating, Cliff and Jonah went to the living room and pretended to sleep. Jonah isn't a great actor! He was grinning and giggling so much in the midst of this "sleep!"

Later that night, we went to Tim (MeMaw) and Belinda's (B) house for Grinch party. These people have the entire movie memorized. I laughed at them WAAAAY more than I did the movie. It is so fun to see someone enjoy something so much. We were all watching them.
Since we were going to their house, Jonah wanted to wear his "Memaw Boots!' We gladly obliged. He could not wait to show Tim again. Poor Tim...he is going to get tired of acting like he is so excited to see those boots.
There were about 10 adults watching the movie so Jonah made his way from one room to the next watching. I was surprised at how well he paid attention. I was afraid he would be a distraction but he did great. He is growing up!!!

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