Monday, December 8, 2008

Saturday in Baton Rouge

We got up early Saturday morning so we could see Santa before the crowd. We stopped for a yummy breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Jonah ate so much. He is really getting better with food. He is no where nearly as good as Gavin about eating but has definitely improved. We put Dan's plate in front of him for a picture. It makes it seem like he is a really good eater.
Our waitress was very sweet to Jonah and brought him a balloon. After we walked away, we realized it was not a good plan for one 2 year old to have a balloon when another 2 year old was coming downstairs and did not have a balloon. So, we went back and asked for another one. Jonah held Gavin's for him until he got downstairs.

Gavin got very upset when his mom and dad left to go put their stuff in the car. Jonah walked over and patted him on the back and said "It's okay Gavin!!!"

When we got to the mall, we stopped at a bench and let the boys make out their Christmas lists for Santa. I knew they probably had an area to do that at Santastic but I'm a nerd and downloaded the sheet off the Internet before we left Vidalia. Dan and Chris helped the boys make their lists out while Darla and I snapped pictures.

Just so you know, Jonah told his daddy to write "Cars, Trucks and PRINCESSES!!!" Yes, Dan is so depressed about this princess obsession! It might not be so bad but I keep telling people and they all make jokes about it to Dan. So funny!

Look at Jonah's legs in the next picture. When he is focused, he always crosses his legs. He does it when watching TV or reading a book or even making out a wish list for Santa.

Jonah got bored after a while and decided to sit down and work on his list a little more. I don't think he really added anything but he drew a lot of circles, ovals and "Cliff's boat!" Poor guy, every time he draws or wants someone to draw with him, he always asks for us to draw Cliff's boat! Ummm...not an artist!!
After the boys started to get a little restless, I sat on the floor with them and we talked about all sorts of things. At one point, Jonah looked at Gavin and said "Nicki my mommy!" I guess he wanted to be sure Gavin knew that.

I told you about the snow and cold air that blows out of the mailbox for your letters to Santa. How cool is this? LOVE IT!

After the mailbox, we moved to the Naughty or Nice meter. I'm pretty sure that thing is inaccurate because we were in line with a few kids that should have seen Naughty pop up rather than nice!

I love how Jonah is watching Gavin with such intensity. I guess he wanted to make sure Gavin ended up on the Nice list with him!

He was a little tentative but did okay with Santa. He has also started calling Santa by his name rather than Noah.

After we finished with Santa, we headed to BuildaBear but decided to do that later. There was a full house in there and not much room to really move around. So, we decided to make that an experience for a time other than Christmas. That way we can actually breathe in there!!

Since the boys had been in line for a while, we decided to let them go run off some energy on the indoor playground. They had a blast. Those playgrounds are so nice. I don't know who came up with the idea of a soft playground in the mall but they were a genius! I remember walking past those types of playgrounds several years ago when I wanted a baby so badly. I remember tearing up because I so wanted to have a child who could play at the mall when we were there shopping. My dream has really come true. Sometimes I almost have to pinch myself!!! I never knew this mommy thing could be so great!

Before heading back to Vidalia, we stopped at TJ Ribs for lunch. YUMMY! Dan and Darla were sitting next to each other so I snapped this picture. They look so much alike. I told Darla if she didn't have hair that they would really look the same. So, she pulled her hair back for another picture. Crazy resemblance, huh?


Jami Ainsworth said...

As I scanned through your images, I thought, "wow, she's doing some serious catching up". And then I thought myself how I wished I had time to catch up on my blogs. I have so much to add, Cam's b'day, Cari's (thanksgiving in the middle) and just lots of misc holiday things. But I am so busy that I don't even really have time to read all of yours. I do enjoy it so much.

Maybe in January I can sleep and catch up on blogging (reading and updates). Nicki, thanks for being such an inspiration to me and so many others.

I just wished I could balance so that I could enjoy life and especially the holidays more! I am often so not are a great encourager-- I have really grown to love you and your family!

Keep enjoying the holidays with is so fun watching him because of his and Natlie's b'days being one year puts me back to where we were a year ago!

Jami Ainsworth said...

P.S. Sorry for such a long post. It's was just easier putting it here than in an email!

Love ya, Girl!


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