Monday, December 8, 2008

Playhouse Disney LIVE in Baton Rouge

If you have read the previous posts from our weekend with Gavin then you may be wondering why we all went to Baton Rouge. Back in June, I found out Playhouse Disney LIVE was going to be in Baton Rouge so I immediately bought tickets for us. Jonah (as you ALL know) adores Mickey Mouse! After I got our tickets, I made calls to friends that I knew would be interested. Chris and Darla were the most excited about seeing Handy Manny because that is Gavin's favorite show.

I booked a hotel room the same day I ordered tickets. I knew we would make it an overnight stay so we could do some other things while in Baton Rouge. Chris and Darla decided to make a weekend of it by coming here first then going with us to Baton Rouge. While our seats were on the same row, we were at one end and they were at the other end. So, we didn't see them at all during the show.

Since we were on opposite ends, we went through separate doors to get to our seats. Jonah carried our tickets and gladly gave them to the lady with the scanner. He told her "I go see Mickey Mouse!"

Dan let all of us off at the door while he parked. That really bothered Jonah when we got to our seats and his daddy was not there. He kept asking where he was. No answer I gave satisfied him. Little did I know that it would be almost intermission before Dan made it to our seats. To make a VERY long story short, he (me too, for that matter) thought the show was in the same building as the circus was back in June. It wasn't. There were no signs and lots of chaos so it took him quite a while to find the building we were in.

Remember me telling you that Chris, Darla and Gavin were on the other end of our row? Well, we still sat next to Gavin...just a different Gavin! Many of you have seen Greg and Cindy Randall (aka Papaw and NeNe) on Jonah's blog. If you don't remember seeing them then you have seen Baylee Brewer. Well, Greg's niece, Leah Davis has a blog for her little boy Gavin and twins, Kami and Luke. Gavin is 16 months old and the twins are 3 months old. (yeah, WOW!) I have heard Baylee's mom, Shonda talk about Leah forever. She always sends me links to her blog or talks about them when we talk. So, I feel like I know Leah and little Gavin.

As we were going to our seats, I realized the girl there in the seats next to us looked a lot like Leah. (I stalk her blog all the time! I can't imagine life with a 16 month old and TWIN 3 month olds!!!) I guess I was staring at her while she was staring at me and then she said "What's your name?" I immediately said "Are you Leah?" Yeah, it was!! Our seats were right next to hers. SO VERY RANDOM! In a place that seats several thousand people, we end up right beside family of our church members! So, you will see various pictures of Gavin in this post.
When we saw Winnie the Pooh and Elmo, Jonah wanted to sit in our laps. He definitely preferred his own seat at this show. He would sit with us some but mostly he sat in his own seat and just oohed and ahhed. (and dined on fruit snacks!)

During intermission, Dan took a picture of me and my big boy. He took two because Jonah had such a weird face in the first one. I posted both just because I think the first one of him is so funny.

Leah took one of our little family together. Jonah looks thrilled to have us as parents, huh?

Gavin got some cool Mickey binoculars and let Jonah play with them. He was actually a lot more free with his things than Jonah was. I gave Jonah a package of fruit snacks to give Gavin and you would have thought I asked him to give Gavin his right kneecap! He finally did it...reluctantly!!

I love the next picture. This was Jonah's face when he spotted Mickey Mouse on stage after the intermission. As you can see, he was quite thrilled!

Gavin was equally thrilled to see Mickey. He had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party this year just like Jonah did.

Gotta love cropping tools. Jonah was in the next picture with us but it was an awful picture of him. I almost deleted it but then cropped it and ended up with a sweet picture of me and my sweet hubby!

It was a great night and such a fun experience. I love exposing Jonah to so many different things. It has been amazing to see his maturity progress in settings like these. He made it through this entire show with no whining, wanting to get up and move around or fits. He really is growing up fast.

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Leah said...

It was a great experience...I just wish Gavin would be old enough to remember :( What kind of camera do you have?? You got GREAT pictures!


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