Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Marlie's 3rd Birthday and Christmas with Gavin

After returning from Baton Rouge, we unloaded the car and then Darla and I headed back out with both boys. Marlie Hargon's birthday party was that afternoon at 3:30. The boys had so much fun playing outside. Gavin especially enjoyed the motorized cars. He looks like a speed demon, huh?

Reagan Rabb was at the party and just as precious as always. She is such a sweet little girl. Her grandmother, Annette Rabb and I scrapbook together and her mom, JJ was our ultrasound tech when we were expecting Jonah.
Marlie's party was a Minnie Mouse/Daisy theme. She had the cutest "Marlie Mouse" shirt on. I think she had a blast.
Jonah loved the bouncer but only if no one else was in it with him. I don't remember him being that way at his own party. (We borrowed this from them for his party.) If someone else got in, he wanted OUT!
Marlie got a pink Barbie Jeep with a real radio. How cool. The kids all wanted their turn to ride with her. Jonah didn't seem to thrilled with the pink jeep. That was a good thing.
Jonah was happy to Sinnott at the party. They are in Preschool together at Jefferson Street.

Look at Gavin chumming it up with the ladies! Yep, he's a smart little boy. Well, kind of smart. He didn't offer his seat to Reagan so she had to ride on the hood.

This picture should be saved for Marlie when she gets older. Here she is at her 3rd birthday party and she is surrounded by 4 little boys while she is making her wish. It won't be long until that will be her wish!!

Jonah's lack of nap finally caught up with him on the bridge as we were almost home. He fell asleep and we could not bear to wake him. Had we not had company, we probably would have just put him in bed for the night. But, I knew there would be enough noise to cause him to stir around Gavin's bedtime. Then, I didn't know if that would have been just enough nap to chance him not going back to sleep. So, we let him sleep on Dan's lap for about 45 minutes. Then, he was up and raring to go!!

The boys gave each other their Christmas gifts tonight. They both had fun opening presents and then wanted what the other had. SO TYPICAL!

Look at this sweet hug!! It makes my heart melt to see them love each other so much. Love it!


Sara Madalin's Mommy said...

Sweet, sweet hug.

Sunday Adenuga said...

What a beautiful family, you are all so lovely.

Sunday Adenuga said...

Marlie, happy bithday to you, you are so very beautiful


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