Sunday, December 7, 2008

John Deere (MeMaw) Boots

Check out these boots! I figure that if we are gonna live in John Deere country then Jonah should fit the part. I looked online for this pair of boots but found they were $80! I think they are super cute for a little boy but I was not going to pay that much for them. I asked Delynn Vines about them to see if Ken or Josh had them at their stores. Yes, Josh had them at his store and they were on clearance. So, I got a fabulous deal!
The only problem is that he HATES them! Like, I mean, he despises them. When I hold them up and even act as if I am going to put them on him, he starts screaming and crying. He begs me not to make him wear them. So, I put them away for a while! But, Wednesday night, I had an idea. We got home from church and I walked back to his room to get the boots. I showed them to him and then said, "Jonah, if you will wear your boots then I will give you a sucker!" He looked at me and said "Okay, mommy!"
This was the same night as the sucker video that I posted last week. I'm not sure why I posted the sucker video without the pictures that should have accompanied it. But, I did so here they are.

At one point, Jonah decided he wanted to take pictures so I let him hold the camera and he took a picture of Max. He missed his eyes but Max didn't seem to mind.

Yes, we love suckers! I mean, we really, really love suckers. Can't you tell how much he was enjoying that little sucker?? The next two videos were taken Wednesday night around the same time as the infamous sucker video. Enjoy! Oh, and you will notice in the video that Jonah calls these "MeMaw Boots." You know, he is once again referring to Tim Welch who he calls Memaw!


Sarah Armstrong said...

I can't believe he doesnt like his boots, Eden and Noah both have a pair and they would wear them everyday if I let them:)

Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

Oh Jonah is just TOO cute! I love the boots as well.

Jamie said...

Why in the world does he call Tim Memaw? Just curious....he looks nothing like a memaw....


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