Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hide & Seek and the Wii

Our very sweet friends sent us a Wii for Christmas. Dan is, over the top excited. Josh Wilson is equally thrilled. We have seen him more over the last week than we have in the entire 4 years we have known him. Well, maybe not but that really emphasizes the point of just how much he loves it. Jonah enjoys the time Josh, Manna and Eli are here by playing games of his own...HIDE AND SEEK. (He is a terrible hider, by the way!)

While Dan and Josh jammed out to Guitar Hero, Jonah found his guitar and brought it in so he could join in on the fun. Precious!!!

Jonah thinks that covering his face equals great hiding skills. Poor guy...he has a lot to learn. Before going any further with this post, you have to watch this video of Jonah and Manna playing Hide and Seek. She tried to scare him but it was anti-climatic. Then, he hid from her and giggled the whole time. Such FUN times.

Jonah was thrilled to show off his room to Baby Eli. He made sure to show him his Christmas tree and his big boy bed. (He still calls it his big boy bed even though I'm pretty sure he does not remember days in the crib!!)
Eli was not overly thrilled to try out Jonah's changing table. He wanted off of that thing ASAP!
Jonah had to go to bed in the midst of all the fun going on at our house. I felt bad for him but it was obvious he was exhausted. He gave hugs to Josh, Manna and Eli. He loves them so much.

Eli is obviously bored at our house. All he ever does is sleep. I guess he learned at an early age that he isn't gonna get a shot at Guitar Hero so he might as well just nap. Isn't he so sweet?
Manna is a MAD guitarist. She has serious skills. I, on the other hand, am terrible at this game and will probably never play again. Besides, it is much more fun to just watch everyone else. They get all serious like they are REALLY on stage!!!


Amanda said...

Ummm, thanks for the great pics of my face in serious concentration mode. I stink at guitar hero :) Maybe if the boys would share more, you and I could hone our skills.

Spydermonkey said...

Ok, be keep asking me to come over because you missed me so severely while i was shut up after eli was born. Just say you missed me!!

beppa said...

I hear that if you feed them, they never go home....didn't you feed Josh nachos? See, he keeps coming back! :)

Katie (and Tony) said...

I thought Manna looked like Kimberly Paisley while she was pregnant..and I still think she does! Manna is looking cute post baby!


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