Sunday, December 7, 2008

Headed to Baton Rouge

The new van got it's first real workout with Chris & Darla here. We have had other people ride with us before but never had it with two families on an out of town trip. We even had room for one more car seat in the back. It would have been a tight fit but it would have worked. Gavin rode in Julia's pink floral seat since it was already in our car. That kept Chris and Darla from having to move Gavin's from their car.

My wonderful boss (I say such nice things about him on here since I know he reads the blog) allowed me to leave work earlier than I expected so we loaded the boys up and headed to Baton Rouge so they could nap at the hotel rather than at home. That allowed their naps to be later which was great since we were going to be out late that night.

We had a great trip down and the boys stayed awake and had a great time on the trip. (Can't say the same for Chris...he slept most of the trip! HA) We went straight to the hotel and we immediately tried to put Jonah down for his nap. To this day, I still do not know what came over my child but he completely lost his mind. He was screaming, kicking, yelling, crying, gasping for breath between sobs, etc. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. Honestly, if I had not been in the room with him, I would not have believed it. I will say that was the MOST difficult time we have ever had putting him to bed. Finally, I got him, held him like a baby and started singing. It took a while but he finally drifted off to sleep. The first picture Dan took looks like I am a doting mother. The second shows my true sentiment of that terrible battle!!

After he was good and asleep, I moved him to his bed. I laid down next to him and suddenly didn't care about how awful he had just acted. I snapped these two pictures because he was sleeping so peacefully and was again the precious little boy we are used to having!

When he woke up from his nap, he had some SERIOUS bed head. It was so bad that we had to completely wet his hair and start over. Poor guy, he has such bad hair that he inherited from his mom and dad!!

He was super happy to see a school bus in the parking lot. He kept pointing to it and telling us all about that bus.
I also was able to capture the serious look he gives us all the time. Dan and I have tried to capture that on film on many occasions. It cracks us up. This is SO not his personality but it is hilarious!!

As soon as the boys were up from their nap, we got them dressed and headed out for dinner then to Playhouse Disney LIVE! Fun times!

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