Friday, December 26, 2008

The great A&D mishap!!!

I walked into Jonah's room Tuesday morning and immediately knew there was a problem. First of all, his room smelled like an A&D factory. Second, he was holding a box of wipes and when he saw me, he said "I put these up!" Third, his eyes immediately stared at the floor and he began to cry. It was then I knew we had a problem. Jonah's face was greasy, his hair was a mess, his bed was coated with greasy A&D and the wall had a new shine to it. I called for Dan and also ran for my camera. You can tell by these first few pictures that my little boy KNEW he was in some serious trouble.

I made him stay still while Dan ran bath water. I knew that the more things he touched, the bigger mess we would have. We still don't know exactly what happened but we think he must have squirted all the entire tube out then rolled around in it. Look at his hair!!!
If you aren't familiar with A&D ointment, it is a diaper creme that is similar to Vaseline. This is what it looks like on bed sheets!
Jonah went straight to the bathtub while I started laundry with his PJ's, blankets, sheet and stuffed animals. Dan scrubbed him from head to toe and even washed his hair 6 times in hopes of getting the greasy stuff out of his hair. NO LUCK! He even used Dawn Detergent because it is a degreaser. Finally, we felt we had put him through enough so we let him out of the tub knowing full well we would have to attempt more hair washing later in the day.

While Dan was bathing him, the phone rang. It was Melissa calling from Youngs Funeral Home to discuss details on the funeral Dan was preaching the next day. I told her what Jonah had done so she could understand why Dan couldn't come to the phone right then. She told me to try flour in his hair. She said it would absorb the grease. So, before Jonah's nap, the poor kid had to head back to the shower for another scrub. But, this time, Dan came armed with a cup of flour!!!

I am very happy to report that the flour removed all of ointment from Jonah's hair! (and made biscuit dough in the bottom of the tub!!) WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!


Daniel & Denise said...

Too funny!!

What was the blanket that you used when Jonah was a newborn? I remember you writing about it...the Miracle Blanket??

Anonymous said...

Thats funny as lone as it didn't get in Jonah's eyes. Dude99!

Cristi said...

Oh my goodness. I remember those days. Josh was mine who did things like that. Glad you got the flour tip. THANKS FOR THE NICE NICE GIFT FOR AVERY! That was so so sweet. Happy New Year!

Laura said...

I'm too afraid to laugh. I'm scared it may haunt me with my own three year old.

Barb said...

that's so funny, and the pictures of him covered in flour are hilarious. i bet you'll have many more stories of this type to tell over the years.

Sara Madalin's Mommy said...

I'm sorry, but that is one of the funniest things I've seen. I think I'm in for a few of these incidents. Sugar is far too curious for it not to.


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