Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Goodbye, Gavin!

Gavin got dressed and headed to Sunday School with Jonah and I. The picture above is blurry but cracked me up. They look like they must have been very thirsty!!

I tried to capture one last picture of Gavin in his pink car seat but he refused to look at the camera. I guess he didn't want to be documented sporting the floral pink seat anymore.
After church, we headed to El Ranchero for lunch and then Chris, Darla and Gavin headed back to Clinton. The boys were so sweet to each other and really had a great time together. It was so sweet to see them hug each other.

Jonah made sure to point out his socks. He kept showing people at church. I guess they felt different to him than his typical socks so it reminded him to show everyone.

After the sock show, we all gave hugs and they were on their way. We headed home for NAPS! Well, Jonah and I napped. Dan worked on church stuff. He usually doesn't nap anyway. I ALWAYS nap if there is an opportunity.

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Barb said...

Gavin's styling in his shades! THey're both so adorable.


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