Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cookies and Milk for Santa

Before bed, we told Jonah we needed to leave cookies for Santa. He ran to his seat and was eager to help. Uncle Marty brought homemade cookies over for us to use. I think he thought I might use store bought cookies. What ever would give him an idea like that? So, just to make sure Jonah remains on Santa's good list, he made homemade cookies and fudge for Santa.
Jonah was very careful to put the cookies out for Santa. He actually put several cookies out before he wanted a bite of one. (You can see that on the video at the end.)

We were not so successful with the milk. It was much like last the experience last year. His motor skill still aren't developed enough to pour milk without making a mess. Mess or not...it makes for great pictures.

Max did not seem to mind Jonah spilling any milk. He gladly takes anything that falls to the floor.

1 comment:

Regina and David said...

Cute video. He did a great job putting out the cookies.


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