Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Come on!!!

EDIT---- DISCLAIMER: I was not asking Jonah who he loved more. I was saying I love you more because we do this everyday and he responds (except on video) "I love you more more!" That's what I was going for, not a competition between me and Dan. Dan, on the other hand, was totally going for a competition...and he won!

Jonah has started waving "come on" but doesn't quite do it the way normal people do. His is more like signaling a plane to land. We tried to get him to keep doing it so we could get it on film. Cracks us up every time!!


Katie (and Tony) said...

I would manipulate Jonah all day long just to hear him talk. Is that bad? Was that my out loud voice? He is too cute!!!!! I love the videos of him-I get my Jonah fix :) When I need a pick me up, I know Jonah will help me. I come to him/you first!

Baylee's Mommy said...

OH man I would say that is my favorite video thus far. Very sweet and funny!


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