Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pics with the kiddos!

I kept Marlie and Hannah Hargon a couple of weeks ago while their mom and dad went to a Christmas Party. They came to our house wearing their Christmas PJ's. Of course, I had to put Jonah in his so we could get some pictures.
The night before, Jonah got a gift at church from the Tuttles. He was so sleepy when he got home that we didn't open it. So, I gave it to Marlie and Jonah to open. They had a blast opening it and then playing with it.

They were very intent on getting that toy out of the box. Then, some where along the way, they decided opening the batteries would be easier than getting that bus out of the box. WHY ON EARTH do toy companies package toys the way they do? I was SUPER impressed that Mrs. Barbara included the batteries needed for the bus and the remote control!
Hannah was just happy to hang out and watch everything going on. She was in a great mood that night. SO MUCH FUN!

Both of the kids LOVED this toy! It was the coolest remote control school bus. It was so great that we had a remote control car for Jonah from Santa that got returned. We knew he would not be nearly as impressed with our car as he was this bus. Thanks Mrs. Barbara and Mr. John! It is obvious you are seasoned grandparents with great taste in toys!


Sara Madalin's Mommy said...

They are all so cute.

Barb said...

very cute kiddos

Amanda said...

What cute pictures! Hannah's eyes are so bright and alert!


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