Monday, December 15, 2008

Chatting with daddy

Jonah really, really, really missed his daddy last week when Dan was at NOBTS. I am so glad we have the opportunity to video chat with him. It gives Jonah a chance to see his daddy and gives Dan a chance to his little boy. We know that school is what Dan should be doing right now but it isn't easy to be away from his family so much.

Jonah could barely focus on Dan for telling him about his gun. He got this as a favor at Marlie's birthday party and adores it. The thing is driving me crazy!!! I told Diane she is so getting paid back with an annoying toy for Marlie the next time she is here. :-)
The only time Dan could talk this day was while Jonah was watching Mickey Mouse. I had to call him in to talk to his daddy. I'm thinking next time we should arrange the video chat for a time when Jonah is not watching Mickey. No one takes precedence over that little mouse!

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