Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back to normal...FINALLY!!!

I'm almost scared to say this but after 9 days of sickness, I think we are well! Whoo-hooo! Jonah actually stood on his own two feet for the first time in several days on Sunday and was up playing on Monday. Preschool and Daycare both have the rule that kids need to be "sickness" free for 24 hours before returning. So, Monday was another day at home for him. He actually moved the the beanbag in the den on Sunday but we placed lots of towels around him just in case!!! He ate a piece of white bread on Sunday and actually kept that down so I felt like we were beginning to make the turn to wellness! As you can see, Max sticks very close to Jonah in case any thing is dropped or comes out of him! (Yes, yuck!)

I went to church Sunday Morning to teach my Sunday School class while my boss came to keep Jonah for me. I'm not sure he has ever changed a dirty diaper but said he would if he needed. can tell he really loves my little boy. While he was here, Jonah showed some of his first signs of life and actually got up to play for a little bit.

Dan brought a gift bag home from church for Jonah. It had teddy bears and a Golden Book from Joe and Mary Ann. Jonah was quite thrilled to discover the book. He loves books and has never read that one. Thanks to the Doughtys for thinking of him. They are blog stalkers...they read but never comment on here! ;-)
On Monday, Mammy dropped by to check on Jonah and brought him colors and a coloring book. I have since had a conversation with her about what a terrible gift that was. Not for Jonah...for us! Ever since he got it, all he wants to do is color!!! No matter what we are doing or have going on he says "You want to color with me, okay?" How can you resist that? So, we stop what we are doing and color for a while. We have gotten NOTHING done the last two days except COLOR. Oh, and just so you know, when you color with Jonah, you don't choose the color, he gives you the ONE that he chooses for you to use.

Last night he pretended he was asleep several times. He lays on the couch and giggles until you "wake" him up. If you don't wake him up fast enough, he squinches his eyes closed really tight and says "Hey, don't forget to shake me!"
He was feeling so good last night that we decided to go out for Breakfast at Nikki's. They have a Mickey Mouse pancake that he loves so we thought he might eat that. (He devoured it!!!) Be sure to notice Dan's hand. We were playing a game with Jonah where he would "get" our hand and we would pull our arms/hand up inside our sleeves so he would think it really disappeared.

Notice the look on his face? It traumatized him the first few times he thought he pulled our hands off. But, don't didn't take him long to catch on and then all was well in the world again.
After he figured things out, he even held out his hand so we could "get" his hand. At one point, he "got" Dan's hand then pretended to put it in his back pocket. His little imagination is really working these days. I love watching him pretend.

I don't really remember what got him so upset here but I think it is a great depiction of life with a 2 year old. Extremely happy one minute then fretful the next. Ahhh...I love it! I think this age is so fun...even with the fretful times.
Even though we had a good day on Monday, we wanted to be sure he was back to himself before getting back to life as we know it. So, tonight, we let him play full force without holding him back. After that, we needed no more proof. He found his Mickey Mouse ball and the Jonah we know was back. He was in full force and nothing could stop him. Life is back to normal in the Glenn house again!


Sara Madalin's Mommy said...

YAAAYYYYYY!!!! I'm glad he's better. Hope you're having a good week.

winstead family said...

9 days is a LONG time for a child to be sick! i'm glad he is back to normal! and that yall can be too! :)

Regina and David said...

So glad he is feeling better!

4 J's said...

I am so glad that Jonah is back to normal! It is no fun having a sick child.

Barb said...

I'm so glad Jonah's back! He actually looks like himself in these pictures.

Anonymous said...

Jonah is back thank Our Lord for it and we are pleased to have our big man back!!! Dude!

Joe & Mary Ann Doughty said...

YES!!!! PRAISE THE LORD - Jonah is feeling better. I'm glad that you are enjoying the book.


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