Saturday, November 29, 2008

Update on the sick boy!!

We started yesterday with high hopes. Jonah woke up with a little energy and even kept some fluid down along with jello and applesauce. He went down for his afternoon nap and slept really good. He woke up, called for me and it all went downhill from there. We decided that was enough so we headed to the after hours clinic in Vidalia.

He was just miserable and we wanted some answers. It seemed to have lasted too long to be a virus so we were beginning to think it was something else. We weren't sure if they would do blood work on a toddler or not but we gave it a shot anyway.
There was a pretty long wait in there and the room was obviously full of germs. So, I signed him in and filled out paperwork while Dan sat in the lobby with him. After a few minutes, Dan texted me to say "He keeps saying I NEED MY MOMMY!" So, we switched places. He waited for them to call his name in the waiting room while I entertained Jonah in the lobby. I think he definitely got the easiest job! He was so whiny and kept begging me to "take me to MY house!"
I reached in purse to find chap stick for his lips and he spotted my makeup bag. Normally, I do not let him touch it but I needed something to pass the time. This worked for at least thirty minutes. He opened every tube of lipstick and chap stick I had. He put it on and then we wiped it off. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! At one point, he exclaimed "Daddy's gonna love my makeup!" Um...probably not, son! The security guard thought that was hysterical.

This little makeup session is the first time since Monday that Jonah has sat up without whining or needing to lean on something. I was beginning to think we were over the hump and he didn't need to see the doctor after all!!

We told the doctor all of the history that let us to bringing him in to the clinic. He decided to do a Complete Metabolic Count, a Flu test and a strep test. He told us the CMC would take about 35 minutes after taking it so we knew we would be there for a while.

By this point, Jonah was SO over being out of the house and was begging to go home. It was very sad. Dan and I took turns holding him and comforting him.

Then, we used the secret weapon! The new kid tough DVD player by Fisher Price. This thing is made for toddlers and can handle drops and kicks and spills. We bought it about a month ago and have used it at a couple of church members houses but it really came in handy last night. We put Peter Pan in and things instantly improved!!

They came in to draw his blood. We were both very concerned about this but he did AWESOME. He laid there like a champ and never even cried. He was much more concerned about the rubber band on his arm. As the tech was finishing drawing the blood, the nurse asked him if he wanted a Popsicle. Well, Dan misunderstood her and thought she offered a sucker. So, while she was gone to get the Popsicle, Dan kept telling Jonah he was getting a sucker.

When the nurse returned with a Popsicle instead of a sucker, a meltdown began. He cried and cried and cried. All he wanted was a sucker. We finally convinced him to calm down and we would give him a sucker later. Hard to believe he made it through blood being drawn just fine but the lack of a sucker caused serious issues! NOTE TO SELF: KEEP SUCKERS IN THE CAR!

The blood work came back to show his white count was low which means there is some sort of viral issue. He was dehydrated but not enough to send us to the ER for IV fluids. (YAY!) He sent us home with Phenergan and a medicine to stop the diarrhea. In the midst of all of this, our pediatrician called my cell. I brought her up to speed and she told me not to fill the diarrhea meds, just the phenergan. She said he needs to get that virus out of his system and if he is plugged up on both ends it won't have a way to escape. So, we are giving him Phenergan and pumping him full of fluids today. So good!


Malinda said...

Bless his heart. And bless yours too. I know how upset you are for your little man. I get upset when Sara Madalin cries over anything.

When I was reading your blog and you mentioned Phenergan I told Reagan, "Hey, I know what that is." He thought that was funny.

I hope Jonah is better soon.

Barb said...

Still praying for Jonah. poor baby!

lifeasahancock said...

I love your comment, however I can't take all the credit!! Chris absolutely loves Black Friday and didn't want us to get hurt by the crazy shoppers that he thought we might encounter!! It was so much fun!!
I hope Jonah gets to feeling better. Poor Baby!!


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