Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A totally stolen post!

It seems so many have so much to say about the election today. My friend Anne said what I feel. So, I will cut and paste her post here. Typically, I would just link to her blog but this will make it even easier to read. So, props to Anne and read on!!!

Tomorrow we vote.

It’s a big deal, just in case you’ve been in a cave for the past year.

I’ve decided that voting for a candidate based on the man just doesn’t work for me. I have prayed and thought and come to the conclusion that I choose to vote based on what I believe to be right.

Regardless of what past administration has done, regardless of how you feel about it, there are some basic rights that as Christians we should think carefully about before we cast our ballot.

My favorite thing about voting is that we get to vote. I mean, we get to have a say in what happens. I know it’s a complicated system, but we get to vote. And sometimes we don’t get our way. That should be a lesson we learned a really long time ago. I don’t understand why we get so upset about it now.

I love my country. I’m so glad I’m American. But I don’t serve my president. I serve my Jesus, who loves me and teaches me and guides me. He does not fail. He does not make wrong choices. He will not let me down. He wants me to be a good citizen regardless of who is in charge (that’s scriptural).

The office of President is a huge responsibility. Some have taken advantage of the privilege it has afforded them. But the President has always been and will always be an authority figure. I was taught to respect authority. It bothers me that we joke about the leaders of our country like they’re imbeciles. It’s not fair to them. It’s disrespectful and wrong. But even more than that, it bugs me because if someone can make fun of authority that they can see, then how easy is it to disregard the authority they can’t see?

God has supreme authority over the universe. He created it, therefore he’s the only one who knows how to truly make it work. Our attitude has become so lax about openly criticizing who is in charge that following a God who works in subtle ways seems foolish to some. Oh, how far from the truth that is.

God loves us. He loves our country. He knows the outcome of everything in the future. He has written it, and it’s happening just has he planned. We make choices to follow him or not. I choose to follow him. Otherwise tomorrow would be a really stressful day. But I know He’s in control. I know we’ve done what we’re supposed to do by voting. I know he deserves our respect and trust. The man who is placed in charge is the man God knew would be there. I just pray that that man chooses to submit to God’s authority.

Go vote. Respect our leaders. Follow Jesus. Love each other regardless of what they think. Do your part to make our wonderful country better.

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NeNe said...

Very well said and I agree! Need to send this post as a mass email to many!


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