Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thursday night with Mommy

Pops and NeNe gave Jonah these Monkey PJ's for his birthday. Every time he wears them, I always have the idea of taking a picture of him with the guitar and his sock monkey. Since we were home alone and had a night to ourselves, I decided to pull out the props to match these PJ's. Jonah loved it. He kept looking at the monkey saying "Dat monkey on my shirt!"

Have I mentioned lately just how much I love this little boy? He is so much fun and makes me laugh every day. Who knew a 2 year old could be so funny? And, it doesn't hurt that he is really, really cute!!

Max didn't like that fact that he was left out of all the fun. He kept jumping in front of the camera trying to get my attention.
At some point during the night, Jonah discovered his red ball was "fat!" He couldn't understand how it got flat. Then, out of the blue, he looked at me and said "Max broke it!" Poor Max! He gets blamed for everything. I guess that is what happens when you can't can't defend yourself.
Art and Vera Verdel gave Jonah a Craftsman Chainsaw and Goggles for his birthday. He thinks he is big stuff when he plays with this. He picked it up and said "I wanna cut somefin!"

He tried to cut the TV first. I explained to him that daddy loved his TV almost as much as he loves us. So, I encouraged him to not even pretend to destroy it.

So, he went to work on his guitar. At one point, he was cutting the guitar with one hand and playing the guitar with the other. Now, that is talent!

I walked out of the room to put clothes in the washer and returned to find this. Jonah took every toy out of his toy box and made him self comfortable inside.

This night was probably one of the most fun since I have been a mommy. Dan was refereeing 3 soccer games in Brookhaven so it was just Jonah and I. When we got home from work/school, I immediately gave him a bath and then we just played. Sue came over for a while and joined in on the fun. I think we touched almost every toy he owns and read tons of books. What a fun night!!!


Anonymous said...

This video cracked me up! I had to watch it twice to hear him say, "you nicki" :-)

Katie said...

That's so cute! It's amazing what kids say when they are caught up in the moment. He is so cute!

cheryl & dave w. said...

yes, you DO have a super cute little boy, and i LOVE those PJ's! the props make them even more adorable! =)

NeNe said...

He is too cute. You Nicki! I love that! So glad those PJ's fit. And very glad he didn't cut up the TV - Pops wouldn't have been happy with that either. Sure wished I could have played with him at the wedding. It was a great day - but just didn't get to spend enough time with everyone! Looking forward to a weekend soon with y'all.


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