Sunday, November 23, 2008 far so good!

While in Alexandria yesterday, we discovered Santa had arrived at the mall. We thought we should at least let Jonah see him in hopes of avoiding the meltdowns we had last year. So, we walked over to where Santa was and Jonah said he wanted to go see Noah. (Remember, he thinks Santa is Noah!!!) We told him it was Santa and asked if he wanted to sit on his lap. He said YES! Then, he patiently waited in line for 20 minutes.

In the midst of the wait, I realized Jonah was wearing brown and orange. He was no where close to being dressed for Christmas pictures. You know how that stressed me out!!!

He was a little bit timid about walking right up to Santa but he never cried or even asked to get down. I was so proud. He never smiled for the camera either so we didn't buy any pictures. We have a trip to Baton Rouge planned with Chris, Darla and Gavin in a couple of weeks to see the AWESOME Santa there. So, hopefully, he will be dressed a little more festive and smile for the camera.

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