Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jonah meets Eli

We are all in love with Eli Wilson. I have gotten to see him and spend time with him several times over the last couple of weeks. We were waiting for an opportunity when they had no company to introduce Jonah to Eli. For 9 months he has talked to Eli in Amanda's belly. Then, on November 6th, Eli made his grand entrance to our world. We told Jonah all about him and he can even tell you that Eli "come from Manna's belly!" Well, last Thursday night, he got the chance to meet his new friend.

I accidentally left my camera at home (GASP!) that night so I had to use Amanda's camera to take some pictures. I was back at their house tonight so I uploaded them to my blogger and had to add those first two. Those were taken before we arrived last Thursday but I wanted you to see how much he has changed since I posted on his birthday.

When we arrived, Eli was swaddled and napping on the couch. Jonah was very tentative about even getting close to him. He was pretty sweet though. He just stared at him and even whispered as he talked around him.

It took some doing but we finally convinced him to get on the couch next to Eli. He patted him a couple of times and then was done. That was all he needed.

I know these two little boys will have lots of fun days together. Jonah loves him already and I'm sure Eli will grow to love Jonah just as much.

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Sugar's Mommy said...

That is too sweet. They are both such beautiful little boys.


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