Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm back!!!

Wow! What a week! I could try and describe all that has been going on here but it would probably just overwhelm you too! So, instead, I will back track to November 1st and start blogging from there.

When November rolled around, Amanda was more than ready for Eli to make his appearance. Unfortunately, Eli was quite content in his cozy surroundings. So, Amanda did her part to coax him out by going on many walks. She and Sue knew I was not feeling well so they showed up at my door to take Jonah for a walk. He told them rather quickly that he did not want to go walk he wanted to play. So, they all piled in his house to play!

After one full year, our backyard is finally complete! (well, minus landscaping and grass!) We now have a fully fenced in yard and no trees that is full of outdoor toys. It is a little boy's paradise! We have loved letting Jonah go out and roam without worry! (Max too, for that matter!)

Jonah was very happy to discover Amanda was holding his bubble gun. This was his favorite toy for a while. Sissy and Uncle Tommy got it for him when he was in Tampa back in May. He loves the thing.

He would have stayed in the yard with them all day but the mosquitoes got really bad. So, everyone came inside for a yummy dinner. I love that we have people in our life who love our little boy so much to come over and play with him just because.


cheryl & dave w. said...

she's gonna be (and is!) such a great mom to little eli! =) how sweet are those pictures??

i also long for the days where we could wear shorts...and they were here not that long ago! i'm a summer kind of gal! =)

Amanda said...

Where's the other pic of Sue? :)

Anonymous said...

That's not funny Amanda...we can live without seeing that pic~


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