Monday, November 24, 2008

Breakfast, then FUN!

Thursday night we met Dusty and Heidi for breakfast at Nikki's. They have been at our church for close to two months now and are doing an incredible job!! Dusty is a hard worker and his ministry is already growing by leaps and bounds. It is exciting to have them here and see how God is using them. We enjoy getting to spend time with them but between our busy schedules, it is hard to do sometimes. So, we made a date for breakfast. Jonah was very happy to see they served a Mickey Mouse pancake. He ate almost all of it AND the scrambled egg. I think my boy really likes breakfast food!!

After we got home, Marlie and Hannah came over to play. Diane brought Hannah's bathtub and asked if we could give her a bath while they were here. hasn't been that long since Jonah was bathed in the sink but I had almost forgotten how to do it. Or, maybe it was my two helpers that caused me to forget how to bathe a newborn!!!
We pulled The Learning Tower over so they could watch and help. Poor Hannah...that is all I can say! There were six hands involved in her bath. She handled it like a champ though. She must love bath time to be able to endure that. Look at how she stares at us during the bath. So sweet!

As you can see, she has LOTS of hair so I needed to run to the back to get some shampoo and body wash. Dan took over for me. I think he has missed bathing a baby.

After bath time, I attempted to get some cute pictures of the kiddos in their pajamas in front of the Christmas tree. My child would have none of that. Marlie was happy to oblige! Hannah was just along for the ride!

Jonah did see Marlie holding Hannah and he wanted to hold her so he came right over. The picture is blurry but you get the idea of what Hannah thought about that experience. She wanted her sister back!!!
I played around in my editing software with these next pictures. Isn't Marlie precious in these?

Dan played double duty while holding Hannah and blowing up balloons for Marlie and Jonah. He was in full daddy mode that night.

After the noise level increased to an all-time high in our living room, I encouraged them to find books. Ahhh...great idea on my part! Jonah and Marlie love to read so this was a fun activity for them. Hannah got a little upset so Dan started doing the dip, sway, shush that he perfected with our little Jonahbug. It worked like a charm!

After just a little while, Hannah was out! It was fun to have a newborn around again and to have a playmate for Jonah. BUT, not enough fun for me to have another baby! I know someone was going to comment on that!!! :-)


Olivia Grace Moon said...

come on nicki!

Barb said...

seriously! come on, nicki! you need another one. :)

4 J's said...

Everyone needs at least 2 kids!

Anonymous said...

You know my feeling Nicki!! from dude99

Amanda said...

I'm okay if you don't have another one. You can borrow Eli if you need a baby fix :) Of course, I won't be ready to share him until much later. You're on your own until then :)


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