Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Art Projects (week 5 through 11) Yeah, I'm behind!!!

Wow...I really got behind on posting Jonah's art projects. I had not thought about it until my friend Regina commented on how much she liked seeing them. So, while Dan was at soccer games tonight, I caught up! I even got caught up on his Shutterfly Photo Book of his preschool year. I won't comment on all of the projects but there are a few that I will.

Jefferson Street has a pumpkin patch every year. We took Jonah for pictures then his class went on a field trip one day. He got to pick his own pumpkin then decorate it.
This is one of my favorite projects so far. This is marble art. They put a marble in white paint then put this black circle in a pan and let them roll the marble around to make the spider web. Cool, huh?
Be sure to notice the note left on this piece of paper. I'm thinking that Jonah did not want to draw the lines they requested him to draw.

This hot air balloon was done the day before the Balloon Races in Natchez. They talked all about the balloons at school so they kids knew about them before the festival.

This is another example of them learning to use scissors. Or, cutters, as Jonah calls them.

This boat is one of my favorite projects so far. I always seem to love the things made with egg cartons. They are talking about the pilgrims and indians right now in preparation for Thanksgiving.

It is so fun to see him come home with these projects and to know how much he is learning.

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4 J's said...

I love the feet ghosts! Too cute! Jordyn got a "note" on her paper this year too. "Less talking. More writing!" That mouth is going to get her in trouble!


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