Saturday, October 25, 2008

A quick story...

We left our house 15 hours ago and just returned for the first time today. We left at 8 a.m. headed to Jackson to see Elmo Makes Music at the MS Coliseum. Then, we took Jonah to my grandmother to nap and play while Dan & I basically finished Christmas shopping and getting Jonah some church clothes for winter. Then, we met up with our dear friends, Rob and Melanie who got Jonah and kept him for a couple of hours while Dan & I had dinner with my boss and his wife at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Long, fun, tiring day. But, I had to share this quick story with you.

Jonah basically says his own prayers at night now. He sometimes needs a little guidance but mostly does it on his own. His prayer is usually the same. "Dear God, thank you for mommy, daddy, max (and insert whoever the last person he saw or the last guest at our house). Help me to sleep good tonight. Help me know Jesus early. In Jesus Name, AMEN!" Like I said, that is his basic prayer in a nutshell.

This was his prayer tonight.

"Dear God, thank you for mommy, Elmo and Oscar. In Jesus Name, AMEN!"

Yeah, I'm thinking he really enjoyed Sesame Street Live today!!!


Jami Ainsworth said...

So sweet. When I saw your photo of him and the blanket, I was wishing I was taking Natalie. The blanket thing look just like something she would do too.

Oh well...there will be other opportunities.

I am glad he enjoyed the show so much and thanks for sharing the story.

Spydermonkey said...

So what show are ya'll going to see next weekend?


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