Monday, October 6, 2008

The Mississippi State Fair (Take 2)

We had another great time at the fair this year. Things like the fair are even more fun when you see it through the eyes of a 2 year old. We took Jonah last year when he was 14 months old. You can read about that here. I took several pictures in the same place as last year in order to really see the change.
I talked to my mom on the way to Jackson so she decided to come meet us. She enjoys any opportunity to be around Jonah and tries to make it work any time she can. It also helps that she is there to take a family shot of us! (Even though Dan looks like he doesn't want to be close to us in the next picture!)
One of Jonah's favorite things were the semi-trucks. I don't know if that was because it was his first ride or if he really liked it that much. He just waved and grinned every time he passed us.
I showed you a picture of the snake a couple of days ago. We have read so many books that have snakes in them that I think it took all fear away. Maybe that is a bad thing? I want him to have healthy fear of certain things but there is something about the way he jumps in to life with no fear or trepidation.

He saw the huge aquarium of fish and turtles and immediately called out Cliff's name. He is convinced all fish and boats have something to do with Cliff.
The same big yellow slide is still there and we rode it again. Actually, last year, just Dan and Jonah rode it. But, this year, they rode it together and then my mom and I rode it with him. He loved it both times. I think he would have ridden it as many times as our feeble legs could have walked those steps!

We made sure to measure him in front of the Size Wize sign. We wanted to be sure of his size so we would know which rides were open to him.
When we drove up, we had a great parking place right in front of the main gate to the fair. While we waited on my mom, we kept pointing to the big Ferris Wheel and telling Jonah about the fair. Well, somehow, that convinced him that the Ferris Wheel IS the fair. Every time he saw it, he would say "Look at the Fair, mommy!"

We took turns riding different rides with Jonah. We tried to work out meeting up with friends or family who have kids Jonah's age but because Friday afternoon was the only time we could go, that just didn't work.

Probably our most favorite picture from the fair last year was of Jonah on a pony in front of this flag. My mom insisted we do that last year and we thought it was a huge waste of money. Then, the pictures that came from those few moments were incredible. So, we had to do that again. And, we got some cute pictures all over again. Isn't our little cowboy cute?

We saved the petting zoo for last! We knew it was a huge hit last year and felt it would be the same this year. BOY, WERE WE RIGHT!!!!

This picture isn't all that special but I post it just so certain people (Sue) can feel good knowing Jonah washed his hands after touching all of those animals!
Jonah also got to taste his first funnel cake. He wasn't all that impressed. He liked the powdered sugar but wasn't a fan of the actual cake part.
After a fun-filled few hours, we headed back to Vidalia. It didn't take long for our favorite 2 year old to be SOUND ASLEEP!!


Sara Madalin's Mommy said...

Hey, I know that sweet little girl with the pacie in her mouth. It looks like y'all had a great time. I don't think we'll make it to the Fair this year. I can't wait until next year to take our Sara Madalin. Talk to you soon.

Jami Ainsworth said...

I love his big "O" expression on that one ride. I can totally see where that the ferris wheel was the fair. I can remember moments like that with my children and Natalie.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you think of me even when you're out of town-ha- Pappaw would be proud. The cowboy pics are cuter than last year, if that's possible...precious little boo-boo!

winstead family said...

i can't WAIT to take cole friday! :)

Jami Ainsworth said...

okay, I am posting twice on this one. I just looked again and this time I looked at last year's images too. It's all just too strange seeing that he had a boo boo last year too. He is definitely all boy. My girls (Cari and Natalie) never had as many boo boos as Cameron had. It must be a boy thing!

Anonymous said...

Jonah looks like you were having a good ole time!!

Barb said...

The pics of Jonah in front of the flag are adorable! Not a waste of money at all! Of course, the pic that I laughed out loud at was the one of you leaning back from the camel that was trying to get a little too close. Quite funny


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