Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jonah & Julia

Jonah is slowly learning that it could be kind of fun to have Julia around. He is always so excited to see her and is very careful to point out her chair at the table and her car seat. NO ONE is allowed to sit in either of those places...ever!

But, he is still a little unsure of her when it comes to "HIS" toys. He totally decides which ones she can play with. If she touches something that he hasn't given her, he whines until she hands it over. She is way to submissive to him. The moment he begins whining, he loses play privileges and she gets to keep playing with whatever toy he was whining about. This slowly seems to be working.

He is as equally protective of her as he is his toys. If Max is sniffing her, he tells Max to go away. He holds her hand all the way in to school. He walks her to her class before going to his. He always hugs her by. He makes sure she is buckled in before he gets in his seat. It is really sweet to watch.

Julia was sitting in "his" chair Monday morning and he told her to get out! That landed him straight in Time Out! After his time away, he immediately came back and kissed her and told her he was sorry! Ahhhh...progress!

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