Saturday, October 11, 2008

In the Kitchen with Daddy and Jonah

We were at Wal-Mart together one night when Dan spotted a mix for Chef Boyardee pizza. He had some wonderful childhood memory of it and just had to have it. It looked utterly gross to me but he insisted we get it. Last night, he decided to have Jonah help him make the pizza. (You will definitely want to see the video at the end of this post!)

Be sure to notice Lammy hanging out on the kitchen counter while Jonah mixes the pizza dough. For 2 years Lammy never got to leave the bed. Now, we are starting to notice Lammy all over the house. I think our little boy is getting more and more attached to him as each day passes.
I don't remember what was being discussed in this next picture but I love it. My two boys eyes were locked on each other.

Dan & I are fans of Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC. I was watching an episode where Kate said she and Jon had a rule that they NEVER eat anything made by the kids. After this experience, I am pretty sure I know why. If I hadn't suggested to Dan that they wash hands before patting the dough out, I'm pretty sure that would have been skipped. Uh, GROSS!

Is this not the grossest looking pizza ever? Jonah thought it was great. Dan thought it was just the opposite. I did not taste it! (Can you blame me??) Hey, at least they made a memory!


michael and anne said...

okay...I LOVE chef boyrdee pizza. Maybe I'm like Dan, and it's a childhood thing, but there's something about that gritty cheese that just makes me happy.

Such great pictures. Life with Jonah looks like so much fun. The Buzz costume is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

This video cracked me up, especially when Jonah said that he did not want a bite! :-)


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