Friday, October 31, 2008

I have serious job security!!

How great is it when your boss adores your little boy? I realized several months ago that he likes Jonah more than me. He actually told me once that he could not ever fire me because I would keep Jonah from him then. HA! Seriously, that is major job security!!

Jonah talks about Jimmy all the time. Even this morning when Dan was putting him in the car he brought his name up. I knew Jimmy was smitten when he got a car seat for his car! Jonah loves it when he picks him up from daycare.

I feel so fortunate that there are so many people who love my little boy. I think of so many adults who invested in my life as a child and teenager. All of those people combined make me who I am today. I'm so glad Jonah will be able to look back and know that people loved him when they didn't have to...just because they think he is special!

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