Thursday, October 9, 2008

Demolition Day

Dan left for work around 7:30 this morning but called me to tell me I had to get Jonah up to the church to see some of the demolition of the old Sanctuary. I normally don't leave until 8:45 a.m. with him but we hurried and got out the door so we could watch some of this. I made sure to dress Jonah in his construction outfit from Gymboree. He was so intrigued by the demolition until he heard something behind him on the road. He was even more impressed to see a big truck at the gas station???

His attention was quickly diverted back to the demolition going on across the street. They were having a mechanical issue with the track hoe so there was a brief delay. That allowed Jonah to get up close and personal with the demo.

Several people wanted bricks from that building so a few people were collecting them and stacking them across the street. Jonah was more than happy to assist with this project.

Dan had to go into the office for a little bit so Delynn took Jonah over for another close look. I'm not sure what she was saying to him (besides GO TIGERS) but he was listening so intently.

This was the finished project when we came home after school. Jonah looked at the pile of stuff and said "Uh-oh, Mommy! They broked it!" Yes, I guess that is one way of looking at it! :-)

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