Sunday, September 7, 2008

You'll have what?

Dan is at his fifth or sixth meeting of the weekend (with several more today) so Jonah and I are doing lots of hanging out.  We normally eat out for lunch on Sunday after church but since Dan had a lunch meeting, Jonah and I headed home.  I was making sandwiches (yes, I am a regular June Cleaver!) for us but was talking out loud as I did everything.  Jonah was playing with his alphabet magnets on the fridge (Thanks for those again, Marty and Debra!  GREAT GIFT for his 1st birthday that he still loves!) while I was getting everything ready.  He looked up at me as I got his cup out of the fridge and said "I'll have diet coke, please!"  


Amanda said...

At least he said, "please" :)

Jami Ainsworth said...

Love it...Natalie asks for diet cokes too! I wonder why they would ask for a diet coke! Oh I know-- because that's what the people they love drink. LOL


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