Thursday, September 11, 2008

VERY observant!

Before Jonah was born, I switched from colored polish on my toes to a french manicure.  So, for the past 2-3 years, I have only had the white tips and no polish. Well, I finished work a little early today so I decided to go have a pedicure.   Jonah was in the middle of a birthday celebration at daycare and I didn't want him to miss the end of the party so this was the perfect time to go.   When I was done, I picked him up and headed home.  I opened his door and was holding his hand to let him jump out of the van.  Then, he looked down at my toes (with a deep red polish) and said "Mommy, you've got Manna's toes!!!"  I said "WHAT???"  He pointed to my toes again and said "mommy toes not white, mommy got Manna's toes!!"  

He is exactly right.  Amanda usually has colored polish on her toes.  He had never seen color on my toes therefore I must have taken Manna's toes!!!  

Ahhhh...out of the mouths of babes!!!


Amanda said...

He's so smart! He knows a good looking pair of toes when he sees them :)

Andrew & Audra said...

ha! that's hilarious!

NeNe said...

How Funny. He is so smart. Must have a little NeNe in him - ha ha NOT! Love you guys! Sorry I missed your calls yesterday - never showed a miss call on my phone so who knows.


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