Saturday, September 20, 2008

A trip down Memory Lane

Jonah and I headed out at 8 this morning to a shower in Clinton, MS. We had to be back in Vidalia for another shower at 3 p.m. Since lunch fell in the time frame of when we would be in Clinton, I called my mom and grandmother to meet us on our way out of town. There were a few minutes to spare in between leaving the shower and meeting them so I stopped by my Alma Mater, Mississippi College. Since Jonah has lots of MSU attire in honor of his dad, I figured it was only fair that he have at least one shirt from MC.

We parked the car and got out to head towards the MC Bookstore. We parked next to Provine Chapel, which is where I spent a huge part of my class time since I was a Christian Education minor. And, I've been in a few weddings in the actual chapel. So, that building has tons of significance in my life. I actually had teary eyes as my little boy walked up those steps. It was life my life had come full circle or something.

MC had changed drastically since my days there. I was there from 1992-1997 but when I left, the entire campus seemed to get a makeover. The buildings are all still there but they look very different now. Even with the different look, it is still the place that holds so many memories for me. MC plays such a HUGE role in who I am today. I met some of my very best friends in the world there. Many of you reading this may not believe me but I was VERY shy until my days at MC. It was a particular ski trip in January of 1994 that changed that. I won't go into detail here but I became VERY famous (as a result of my own stupidity!) on that ski trip and it carried over to my social life at MC.

Also, I came to know God in a real and personal way during my days there. God placed so many people/friends in my path that caused me to seek him with my whole heart. I was constantly challenged in my faith and grew drastically as a result of that. I am so grateful that God worked it out for me to spend 5 years of my life there.
As we were walking through the QUAD, Jonah spotted the sculpture by Dr. Gore of Jesus washing feet. He said "Let's go see the brown peoples!" We walked over to the beautiful sculpture and he wanted to climb on it so we quickly moved on. I didn't think that was completely appropriate!

As we walked back to the van, I made sure to point out the library to Jonah. NOT because I spent so much time there studying but because that place has so many FUNNY memories to me. (How many people say a library holds funny memories???) My friend Hope worked the closing shift of front desk there and she was the beneficiary of some of our best practical jokes while sitting at that desk. Maybe if I had spent less time playing jokes on Hope then I might would have spent only 4 years there rather than 5. (Trust me though, if you knew some of those jokes, you would laugh too!!!)
It was a really fun time for me to walk my little boy around a place that has SO much significance in my life. I told Dan that it was such an odd feeling to be back there. Now he is jealous that he hasn't been able to take Jonah to State yet.

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michael and anne said...

that's great that you took him there. we took the kids a couple of years ago and let them play in the fountains. probably not allowed, but nobody recognized me.

mc was a special place. i normally embrace change, but there was something about the "old" campus that meant a lot to me. the new one just isn't the same.

i never heard about that ski trip. that was the year before i got there. i think i need to hear that story!


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