Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday with the Governor

Well, thanks to my friend Audra, I realized Jonah had issues with his sinuses and was not actually sick. So, we headed to church. I was really glad because I did not want to miss my Sunday School class or Bobby Jindal giving his testimony at church. In case you aren't familiar with our Governor, the man in the picture above is not him. That is Ken Vines...he is a member of our church who had a great time playing with Jonah after the service. I couldn't leave that picture out because it was so sweet. Now, on to the Governor.

The State of LA is extremely blessed to have a GODLY Governor. He boldly shares his faith in so many situations. He has done an excellent job leading the state of LA. We were extremely privileged to have him come to our church today to share his testimony of how he came to know Jesus as his personal Savior. We had a PACKED house and an awesome morning of Worship. Here is our family (minus Max because he doesn't get to come to church with us!) with Governor Bobby Jindal.

You might not recognize the next guy but he and Dan have spent lots of time on the phone and texting back and forth. His name is Daniel Kirk and he is the Administrative Assistant to Governor Jindal. He was a super nice guy. I talked to him for a while at lunch about what he does and what his job entails. He was a very interesting guy.
This is what Jonah looked like while waiting to meet Governor Jindal. He looks impressed, huh?
After church, there was a luncheon for Elected Officials and other important people in Vidalia/Concordia Parish. We did not fall in to either of those categories but Daniel insisted Dan & I come and bring Jonah. I should have had a clue this was not a good idea when Mr. Chauvin told us there were no high chairs in the entire building. As you can see, I kept Jonah occupied with juice, goldfish and fruit snacks.
The only problem was that every time someone clapped for Bobby Jindal, Jonah would loudly exclaim "They clap for me??" I'm pretty sure self esteem is not an issue for him. He thinks all applause is directed at him. While Dan was up getting water, Jonah stood up on his chair and pointed across the room to Cliff. He was talking pretty loud so I said "Sit down and hush!" Well, just a minute later, our sheriff, Randy Maxwell came over to hug me and Jonah told him to "Sit down and hush!" I knew it was time for Jonah and I to make a graceful exit! (And no, Randy did not hear him, THANKFULLY!)
I had to take the last picture as a memory of how desperate I was to keep him quiet while the Governor was speaking to the lunch crowd. Jonah always wants to pull the wet wipes out of the holder and I NEVER let him. As soon as he got restless, I pulled the wet wipes holder out and said "See if you can get them out!!!!!"

After a quick glance as the "Misspippi river," we headed towards the parking lot. Fortunately, Officer Scott Crain was there to give us a ride over in the golf cart. Jonah loves riding in golf carts and Scott even let him help drive.

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Jami Ainsworth said...

I knew you would have something of Jonah meeting the Governor. I have been looking this evening. What a neat memory to keep for Jonah.


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