Saturday, September 13, 2008

One month behind

I'm trying to catch up on old pictures that were never blogged. These are from August 7th. Dan was at his first class in the Doctoral program at NOBTS so Jonah and I spent some time at the pool.

You will notice there were no pictures of him swimming. That is because when he gets in the water, it takes both hands and all of my energy to keep him from drowning. He has no fear and is constantly under the water. So, when it is just the two of us, the camera stays on the side.

I love the next picture of him reading his Toddler Bible in the bed. How very precious is that?
In case you don't know, Jonah loves his daddy. He especially loves his daddy at bedtime. Because Dan's job keeps him away so much, Dan always puts Jonah to bed at night when he is home. So, on the nights that I am here alone, he tolerates mommy but constantly asks for Daddy. There are at least a couple of nights each week that Dan is gone at bedtime, so he is certainly accustomed to me doing the nightly routine with him.
We had our computers ready so we could video chat with Dan but there was a firewall at the seminary that didn't allow the use of a web cam. So, since we had hyped up the fact that daddy was going to read him his bedtime story and say his prayers with him, then we had to opt for the phone.
I got a video of Dan saying his prayers with Jonah and telling him goodnight. I had to rush him along at one point because he didn't realize this was on video. How sweet is this?


Anonymous said...

Jonah that was so sweet saying your prayers what a special little guy!

Joey, Jennifer, Jordyn and Jana Claire said...

Adorable! I love saying prayers with the kiddos!

Anonymous said...

I LOL really hard when he said help mommy get up on time! :-)


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