Sunday, September 21, 2008

"My hand hurts"

Jonah was dressed in shorts for school last Tuesday but when I opened the door to walk outside, I quickly realized he needed pants. I rushed him back to his room and dressed him in pants. He immediately had a meltdown. He kept saying "I not like pants, I not like pants. Take 'dem off." I explained to him that it was too cold for shorts. Nothing I said consoled him so I quickly realized I needed a diversion. I saw a band aid and knew that would give him something else to focus on.

I asked him if he wanted a band-aid and he said yes. So, I put it on his hand (that had zero scratches or cuts) and his hand immediately went limp and he started crying. He kept saying "hand hurts, kiss it!" What? I knew without a doubt there was nothing wrong with his hand but with each passing second, the wails grew louder and the hand grew even more limp.

My little dramatic child assumed that since he had a band-aid on his hand then there must be a problem. Would you believe the second I removed the band-aid that he immediately quit crying and said "My hand all better!"

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Joey, Jennifer, Jordyn and Jana Claire said...

When Jordyn was about the same age she scraped the top of her toe and I promise I could almost see bone! She cried a little over the scrape but when I put the band aid on her you would have thought I had amputated her toe!! Now of course she wants one for every bruise and scrape!


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