Saturday, September 20, 2008

Golf videos...get ready to laugh! I went overboard on posting the videos! Dan took these yesterday when he and Jonah played 9 holes and I could not decide which one to post. ENJOY!

Oh, videos don't upload the same as pictures so these are not in order. But, you will get the general idea of the fun my two boys had. And, you will also realize that my son is probably NOT going to be the next Tiger Woods!

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Katie (and Tony) said...

Ok, my first thought was What the heck happened to your blog? I leave for 6 weeks, come back, get settled am ready for some catching up..I wondered if I was at the right place! But I LOVE the new do! Much easier to read. My second thought, how do you not eat him up he is SO cute..Jonah, not dan. Oh my goodness he is precious!!! Third thought..Dan has got some patience! I would have been long gone in the cart w/o my child. Fourth comment....and THE most important...Who was driving the car if Dan was filming?


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