Friday, September 12, 2008

Friend Spotlight!

One of the greatest gifts of my experience at Mississippi College was the gift of many dear, dear friends. One of those friends was Kathy O'dell. (Malott now) My freshman year, I had the honor of being suite mates with Kathy. She and I became the best of friends and still remain so today. We were married within 5 months of each other and were bridesmaids in each other's wedding. We can go months without talking but always pick up as if we just spoke yesterday. She is one of those heart friends for me. You know, the kind that if you didn't have you would feel like something was missing.

Well, she is incredibly talented and I am now the proud new owner of some of her work. Kathy stays home with her two little girls, Isabelle and Cassidy. She has recently started her on blog business selling custom artwork. She designs it according to your requests and does an incredible job.

She sent me 5 paintings recently for Jonah's birthday. They match his new monkey bathroom stuff that NeNe and Pops sent him for his birthday. Then, I ordered a painted verse that matches our brown/turquoise living room. It arrived today and is already on the wall. LOVE IT!

These are the paintings she did for Jonah's bathroom. I absolutely adore them and so does Jonah. He points to them and says "Jonah's monkeys!" We have gotten tons of compliments from our friends in the last few weeks they have been up.

This is the shower curtain that she used as the inspiration for the paintings. They look awesome in his bathroom.
Please go to her blog and take a look. You can go there by clicking HERE. She also does watercolor portraits from photos or just about anything creative you could want. You will see her amazing talent on her blog but I can attest to her precious heart. She has a desire to live for Jesus and to make him known in everything she does. Her spirit is so contagious. If you have a need for anything like this, please contact her. I won't be disappointed!


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