Saturday, September 27, 2008

D.A.R.E. Tournament

Today was the D.A.R.E. Fishing Tournament. I know that no one really expected Jonah to participate because it involved fishing. And, if you know us well, neither Dan nor I fish. But, thankfully, one of Jonah's surrogate grandparents/best buddies stepped in and saved the day. Thanks to Cliff and Beppa, Jonah got to experience his first fishing trip. As you can see below, he was a bit intrigued by the crickets. (or frickets, as he calls them!)

I'm sorry I don't have much insight on the pictures above but I was not with them when they were fishing. I had a baby shower to attend so I sent the camera with Dan. He switched off with me for the weigh-in. He had great seats (30 rows up on the 35 yard line) to the LSU/MSU game in Baton Rouge so he left at noon headed south. I was so glad I got to experience the weigh-in with Jonah, Cliff and Beppa.

As you know, I ALWAYS love experiencing new things with my little boy. But, I also love getting to watch others experience life with Jonah. He brings such joy and excitement to every thing he does and that excitement spreads to everyone involved. It was fun to watch Cliff and Jonah interact over the 5 fish he caught. (More about those fish later!) 
Cliff helped Jonah carry his bucket of fish from the boat to the bagging table. To be honest, I have never heard about bagging a fish so that was a first for me too. I think the next picture is so sweet. He was hanging on to Cliff's leg but paying close attention to what was happening with his fish.

Cliff tried to get Jonah to hold his registration card up so I could get a picture but Jonah refused. So, Cliff held it up for me.
Jonah caught 5 fish that weighed right under a pound. (combined, not individual!) Needless to say, I don't think he was the big winner today. But, he had an absolute blast so that is all that matters to me!!! The cool thing is that every kid that participates gets a trophy and a prize. He was thrilled to get the trophy and took it right to Cliff so he could see.

Today was another first for Jonah. He got to try his first snow cone. It was a joyous occasion for this little boy. He loved it!

The next picture was taken on our way back to the car. I love it! It was such a special day for my little boy AND I'm pretty sure Cliff loved it too! Those two have a sweet relationship.  Jonah loved fishing but the best part of his day was being with Cliff.  

I have to tell you about what happened at dinner. Jonah was finishing his fruit and asked if he could watch "Mike Sully." (Monsters, Inc.) I said "Jonah, is Mike Sully your favorite?" He said "No, Cwiff my favorite...I luv him!"

Jonah was exhausted when we got home. I could barely keep him awake on the short drive to our house. We walked in, changed his clothes and he immediately got in his bed. Then, he got up and got his trophy and fell asleep with it clutched in his hand.
By the way, did anyone ever think that my child's first trophy would be for a fishing tournament??? Yeah, me either!!

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michael and anne said...

so precious. i love the tournament pics, but that last one of him sleeping with the trophy is priceless.


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