Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Christmas Shopping????

The new Fisher Price catalogue came in the mail yesterday. I showed it to Jonah when I got it out of the mail box and he immediately sat down and began flipping the pages. He sat and looked at every single page for over 30 minutes. We were amazed! He never said he wanted anything but kept going back and forth between to different toys.

Look at the next picture! I think this is such a precious picture of him. He was all about the Mickey Mouse racetrack he was seeing. Doesn't he look so grown up?

I took pictures of the two pages he was most interested in so I could show Dan when he gets back from NOBTS. I think we may know what would be 2 great gifts for Christmas. Thanks for helping us out, son!

After he looked for quite some time at every single page, I tried to get him to move on to something else. This is what happened when I took the book from him. He has yet to have a tantrum or pitch a fit but this is his newest thing. He lays on the floor and sobs. It is like I hurt his feelings and his little heart is crushed! Don't you feel sorry for him?


Jami Ainsworth said...

I remember Natalie doing this with catalogues last year too. She would look at them like they were the greatest book ever. I realized that it had not occured to her yet that these were "wish" books. And I hated to teach her that's what they werer for because Cari wishes for everything in the books (it's gets old fast). She just enjoyed the beautiful pictures. Neat, uh?

Since their b'days are so close, but a year apart I really see again the things she was doing a year ago with Jonah's blog. I wished I had been better at documenting them as you have have been.

Anonymous said...

Oh as a little child dreaming!!!!


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