Monday, September 1, 2008

Believers Blowout 2008

Our church sponsors a youth event every year called Believers Blowout. Dan was tied up with that Friday and wouldn't see Jonah unless we went up there. So, we got up there at the very beginning and stayed until the service started. Jonah had a LARGE time on the inflatable games.

You know how you have moments in life that you could never recreate or truly explain to anyone? This game was one of those moments. My little boy giggled more than I have ever heard. He laughed so hard he could not catch his breath. We were both on the thing jumping around and letting him bounce. He thought that was the funniest and most fun thing ever!
Mommy attempted to climb the ladder but wasn't very successful. I'm not sure that Suzanne Staggs didn't "help" me tip over a little quicker.
We moved on to the obstacle course and I stayed on the outside to take pictures while Dan helped Jonah make his way through the thing.

After lots of playing, we went inside where it was cool. Besides, there were so many teenagers out there at this point, we were a little afraid Jonah might get hurt out there. I got him a piece of pizza and he sat down to eat it with NeNe. (Cindy Randall) Paige Boyler came over to see him but for some reason, he just doesn't like her. He kept turning away from her. It was really funny. They share the same birthday so he should love her.

Can you tell how much my baby loves pizza? I can't tell you the last time he even had pizza but he saw it and went crazy. It made me feel bad for not giving him any in a while. We have ordered pizza one other time since this night just because he loves it so much.
He also loves Nick Herring. Even as a baby, he thought Nick was the greatest thing ever. It is cute to see how they love each other. Paige Staggs thinks Jonah doesn't like her but I haven't seen evidence of that. He can't be quite specific about who he does and doesn't like!!!


paige staggs said...

oh my goodness... that picture of me looks really really bad!

Anonymous said...

It's funny to watch Jonah jump into everything with so much get go love it thanks for sharing.


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