Friday, September 19, 2008

Art Projects (week 2)

This week at preschool, the focus was the letter B. Here are the projects he did that had something to do with a B!

He made and decorated a butterfly cookie! How cute is this?

They cut out circles of different colors and glued them on the corresponding balloons.
All of these things were made with his fingerprints. A bat, butterfly, bee, bird and bug.
I was really impressed with the bubble painting. I'm not sure how they did this but think I would love to try this with him at home one day.


Natalie in Tiger Land* said...

Great Job Jonah!
I love getting back the projects Natalie does at school!
Do they give Jonah "homework"?

kathy malott said...

They do really cool things at his school! i love that. i can't even pick my favorite, but I really like the bubble picture too...oh, but the one with the fingerprints is awesome. Could you eat the butterfly cookie? Probably not or else it would have never made it home. Cool. When they do "T" have him do "Tomm".


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