Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Video Chatting

Jonah loves his Magnadoodle.  He plays with it every day for at least a little bit of time.  It is a great thing to point out to him when we need to get something done.  It will certainly consume some of his time.  Thanks Uncle Scott, Aunt Emily and Hannah.  
The other night, Dan was at the church for a meeting and Jonah and I were at home.  I was online while he was playing with his Magnadoodle.  Sue called and he talked to her on the phone for a little while then he decided to play his guitar.  While he was playing with is guitar, Josh Wilson invited me to a video chat.  I accepted then put the computer in front of Jonah.  That was the first time he had seen us chat with anyone using the webcam.  He was ENTRANCED!  He could not figure out how Josh got inside my computer!

Josh even played a song for him.  (Puff the Magic Dragon) while Manna sang it.  I do have that on video for all you to see but I'm having a problem uploading videos.  It is lovely...trust me!  It was so sweet to watch Jonah play as Josh was playing.  

Tommy was over at Josh and Amanda's house so he joined in on the video chat.  Jonah was so mesmerized by the whole experience.  We are loving the webcam, video chat and SKYPE!  If you have a SKYPE account, be sure to add us so we can video chat with you.  We are pretty boring people but Jonah will certainly entertain you.  We have two accounts...

theglenns556        is my computer

dglenn556             is Dan's computer  

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