Friday, August 8, 2008

Bye, Daddy!

As you know from a previous post, Dan left yesterday for his first Doctoral class at New Orleans Seminary. While I always hate for him to be gone, I figured it would be just like all of the other times he is gone. He isn't gone a whole lot but his job does require him to be out of town overnight on occasion. So, in Jonah's short 2 year life span, he has experienced about 30 nights at home with just mommy and not daddy.

Unfortunately, this time was VERY different than ALL the other times. I don't know what came over him. He woke up a minimum of 10 times over the course of the night. ALL 10 times he woke up screaming for his daddy!!!! Nothing I said or did could soothe him. He screamed "I want my daddy!" I echoed that sentiment!!!! Trust me, in that moment, I wanted him to be home WAY more than Jonah wanted him here.
So, I write all of this in the midst of these precious pictures that show just how much these two guys love each other. I'm glad Jonah has a daddy that is so intricately involved in his life that it upsets his whole world when when daddy is away. I'm also glad that his daddy is disciplined enough to pursue furthering his education although that means more work for him, long nights of studying and paper writing, being away from his family and working on his day off to make up for time out of the office. He isn't doing this to have letters behind his name, he is doing this to better understand his calling and in turn to be a more effective leader of God's church. I'm so proud of him for the sacrifices he makes for our family and for our church.

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